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Amoena's Lilly Non-Wired Bra is a fantastic everyday bra for anyone who's had a mastectomy. Extremely soft and comfortable, with discreet pockets for your breast form and a flattering cut.

The Amoena Lilly Non-Wired Bra at a glance:

  • With discreet integrated pockets for breast forms
  • No underwire or side boning to press against your scar area
  • Delicate, feminine lace details
  • Gentle support without pressure or irritation
  • Made with super soft microfibre material


About Amoena

With over 40 years' experience of supporting women through their breast cancer journeys, Amoena are world experts in breast forms and post-mastectomy lingerie.

Amoena was the first company to develop realistic silicone breast forms for women, and have been dedicated to helping women feel confident after breast surgery ever since.

With expertise from healthcare professionals and thousands of breast cancer survivors, Amoena provide comfortable, practical, and beautiful lingerie for every step of the journey - putting women first, from diagnosis to recovery and beyond.


  • First, measure yourself underneath the bust line, all the way round - this is measurement A.
  • Next, measure round your chest, over the fullest part of your remaining breast - this is measurement B.

  • Find your measurement A in the chart - the number below it is your band size
  • Next, staying in the column that has your band size in it, move down until you find your measurement B. The letter to the left of the correct row will tell you your cup size. 

For example:

  • My measurement A is 32", and measurement B is 38".
  • Row A tells me that my measurement A means my band size is 36.
  • Looking down the column, I find my measurement (38").
  • I look across to the left to find that I am on row C - so my cup size is C.
  • This means my Amoena bra size is 36C.

Please note: we're sorry these instructions are a bit complicated! Amoena are very careful to make sure they get you the most comfortable, long-lasting fit they possibly can, so their sizing is designed to be very accurate. However, if you do receive your Amoena bra and the fit isn't right, you can easily return it to us. 

If you're unsure about your size or having trouble calculating it, please don't hesitate to give us a call on our customer service number, and we can help you find the right size.

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