Aidapt Lockable Pill Cutter

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Cancer and its treatment can often cause side effects that make it harder to do day to day tasks like taking the necessary pills you need. Whether it's a lack of mobility or difficulty swallowing the Aidapt Lockable Pill Cutter is a tool that gives you the ability to take back charge of a once difficult task for specific cancer patients.

Sturdy, robust and lockable the Aidapt Lockable Pill Cutter is a well built product which makes life that little bit easier for cancer patients. Made from an easily washable plastic and built with a saftey lock the Aidapt Lockable Pill Cutter is a necessity in the house of any cancer patient.

Key Benefits:

  • Break pills of any size with ease (Small-Big)
  • Intergrated saftey lock
  • Made from easily washable plastic

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