Meet the Team

Our story so far

Tamara, Founder and CEO, is the heart and brain behind Live Better With.

From her personal and professional experience, Tamara saw that people living with cancer would receive advanced medical treatment, but for their day-to-day symptoms and side effects – such as brain fog, a sore mouth, itching, nausea, hair loss and pain – she saw that there was no structured care system in place. This struck a chord, so through her research, she found that there were hundreds (if not thousands!) of products available to help ease these side effects, but she realised that patients either had no access to them or simply didn’t know they existed.

She left her job in healthcare and set up Live Better With to change that.

Our mission

Everyone at Live Better With is united by our mission to be the destination for people living with long-term conditions who are in need of everyday practical support for their symptoms and side effects.

We are a small dynamic team, with bundles of energy and a unbelievable work ethic. We strive, to the best of our abilities to improve things daily for our customers.

Meet the team below and see what they do!




The operations team is passionate about making it as easy as possible for people living with cancer to discover, purchase and receive the products that will help make their day-to-day lives better. Lydia and Ollie make sure that Live Better With runs smoothly so that our community has a great experience with us. Meanwhile, Rose and Abbie endeavour to bring our customers the very best products that are out there, and are always uncovering new items to help you live a little bit better. They are always looking for recommendations so please get in touch if you want to share something that you discovered that worked for you!


Product and Onsite Customer Experience

This team focus all their time on making it as easy as possible for our community to get what they need. Combining and connecting technology, content, products and services to provide a great experience for all.



Live Better With believes in partnerships with purpose. Zahra is passionate about cultivating and nurturing relationships with external organisations by attending events and conferences, overseeing our affiliate programme, and working with organisations, charities, healthcare institutions and retailers. She works closely with existing partners to maximise collaboration and impact, and carries out extensive outreach in order to initiate and grow these partnerships. Zahra also works on reaching as many people as possible through community outreach initiatives, such as the expansion of Live Better With’s suite of community services: including the Cancer Support Map, Community Offers and Travel Insurance.

Customer Care

Jermaine and Elizabeth work tirelessly to provide our customers with  helpful, informative and human customer service, as we understand how important it is to speak to a real person. Whether it’s  a question about an order, or if you would just like to know more about a product, they are more than happy to chat over the phone or via email to get you the answers that you need.

Content and Community

Community is at the heart and soul of everything we do here at Live Better With. Through our social media channels, events and community panel, we love to engage with our audience to share information, give support and, most importantly, to find out what our community is looking for from us.

Rykesha researches and writes quality pieces of content for people living with cancer, their loved ones and their carers, including regular blog articles, advice guides, community interviews and a weekly newsletter for subscribers. She also runs the annual Spotlight Awards by Live Better With - the first international awards to celebrate the achievements of truly remarkable people, products, and services in the cancer community.



Our marketing team takes care of all our on and offline presence to make sure that people living with cancer not only know about Live Better With and how we can help them, but also know about the specific products that have proved most helpful when living with cancer day-to-day.

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