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Ask a Cancer Nutrition Coach | Amber Thomas


What can help with constipation during treatment? Are there any diet choices you can make to live better with cancer? How can you feel more calm and enjoy food again? What can you do to cope with fatigue? These are some of the questions and areas Amber can help with. 

If you have something on your mind, simply post your question in our Expert Q&A Hub and Amber will be in touch within 72 hours with a personalised response.

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Thank you so much for your prompt and very considered response to me. I have also read your replies to others, and they are also really helpful. I know difficult it must be to tailor answers when we are all so different.

Live Better With Member

About Amber

Amber is a cancer nutrition coach and board certified specialist in oncology nutrition with over 15 years experience counselling men and women who have faced a cancer diagnosis.

Before starting her private nutrition practice in 2019, she counselled thousands of individuals undergoing and recovering from cancer treatment while being employed in hospitals, cancer clinics, and home health care.

Amber has in-depth knowledge of the side effects that come with cancer therapies and how nutrition and nourishing the body plays an important role in maintaining strength throughout treatment and healing afterward. 

She now teaches cancer patients and survivors how to separate the guilt and shame from food choices, feel calm and confident when eating, and make choices that support both the body and the soul.

Ask an Oncology Nurse | Liz Bradley

Do you have a question about various cancer treatments, including chemo, radiotherapy or surgery? Are you looking for practical tips & advice on a wide range of side effects, such as aches & pains, chemo brain, difficulty sleeping or dry, irritated skin? Liz might be able to help you! Simply post your question in our Expert Q&A Hub and she'll be in touch within 72 hours with a personalised response.

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Thanks for the very prompt response and excellent clear advice. You put my mind at ease. It's great talking to someone who understands it all, without having to ring my Oncologist for every single question I have.

Live Better With Member

About Liz

Liz has been a registered nurse for 25 years, 20 of which have been spent working with cancer patients. She currently manages a chemotherapy unit in Essex and cannot imagine doing anything else apart from oncology nursing.

Liz has also worked in a variety of oncology specialist nurse roles including breast and blood cancers and has a in-depth understanding of what patients embarking on or completing cancer treatments need most advice about or help with finding out information on. 

Coupled with this, Liz is also a cancer survivor herself having been diagnosed 18 years ago undergoing both chemo and radiotherapy so has been on the other side of the fence as well. 

Liz understands how lonely it can feel being diagnosed with cancer and that not all patients get their questions answered within a relatively short clinic slot. 



Ask a Cancer Fatigue Specialist | Untire

Did you know that almost 40% of all cancer patients and survivors struggle with tiredness and fatigue as a side effect of cancer and its treatments? But what causes fatigue and what can you do about it? How to improve your lifestyle and increase your energy levels?  

This is where cancer fatigue specialists Untire! App can help. Simply post your question in our Expert Q&A Hub and they'll be in touch within 72 hours with a personalised response.

Ask Untire a question now. 


I am so reassured by reading comments on this forum, because I thought I was unique in having the fatigue for so long. I took your advice and it helped me a lot, thank you so much.

Live Better With Member

About Untire

The Untire App was created by Dr. Bram Kuiper and Door Vonk to help cancer patients increase energy levels and improve quality of life. It was developed in collaboration with a team of psychologists, specialists and patients in the field of oncology. 

The app contains a self-guided program to help patients understand tiredness and cancer fatigue and provides tips and exercises to increase energy levels and is now recognised as a recommended NHS resource and part of the NHS App library as a digital tool to help you manage and improve your health.




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