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Live Better With Cancer is here to make everyday living a little bit better for the millions of people living with cancer all over the world.

Together with patients, their families, nurses, doctors and experts, we have handpicked 1000's products and written over 250 practical articles, guides and even a podcast to help ease symptoms and side effects, and improve the quality of day-to-day life.

We've also built a thriving online community of over 70,000 people talking about cancer and supporting each other. Talking to and hearing from our community is helping us build Live Better With into the most useful practical destination for people living with cancer - all of our products and information are guided by community recommendations.

Uniquely, we group all the products by how someone might be feeling (e.g., 'Feeling sick' or having 'Difficulty Sleeping'), so it’s very easy to discover all the relevant and helpful things that have worked for others with the same need as you.

Why Live Better With Cancer was created

Around 50,000 people are being diagnosed with cancer every single day. They’ll receive great medical care to treat the progression of their tumour, but there is another side of care.

The tumour itself, and the treatments - like chemo, radiation, surgery - can cause countless symptoms and side effects - such as itching, a constant metallic taste, a sore mouth, or brain fog, as well as those we more frequently hear about like nausea, hair loss and pain. When you’re living with these, it’s hard to have a normal home, family or work life.

There are actually hundreds of products that can help relieve these symptoms and side effects, from balms to books to mobility aids. BUT patients and families don’t know about them, or struggle to find them to purchase. This is hugely frustrating and wrong. I saw this situation persistently over my ten years working with patients, hospitals and healthcare professionals in the UK and the US, and with my personal experiences with family members with long term conditions. I had to do something about it.

Tell us what works for you

We constantly update our range of products based on real recommendations: every product has been recommended by patients, families, healthcare professionals or charities as something that has made a difference to the day-to-day life of someone living with cancer.

Please email us at theteam@livebetterwith.com and share your recommendations.

Do let us know what else should be on here so we can make sure as many people as possible who are living with benefit from products that can make a difference!

Together we will make this your one-stop site for everything that could help you live better with cancer.  

Thank you,

Tamara, Founder & CEO
Live Better With

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