Lyonsleaf Natural Calendula Soap 100g

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Handmade, natural soap for gentle cleansing that will soothe and hydrate skin. Great for use throughout treatment and recovery.

Key Features:

  • Hydrating body soap for use on very dry and sensitive skin.
  • 100% natural ingredients including shea butter and calendula oil.
  • Free from artificial chemicals, fragrance and palm oil.

During treatment, it is common for skin to become dry, sensitive and prone to irritation. This can make washing more difficult, as many popular body soaps use artificial chemicals and fragrances that can create further irritation and leave skin feeling worse than before.

Using premium hygiene products developed especially for highly sensitive skin is a great way to make bath time a relaxing experience once again. Lyonsleaf Calendula Soap uses 100% natural ingredients known for their nourishing properties so that skin is left feeling clean and comfortable.

Palm Oil is often used to make bars of soap hard, but it is obtained through environmentally-damaging deforestation. Lyonsleaf Calendula Soap is Palm-oil free, but in fact has a good hardness and a remarkably silky lather. This means it is effective and can be enjoyed for a long time.

Lyonsleaf products are grown at their own farm by workers on a living wage, using as little plastic as possible. Lyonsleaf are committed to an ongoing program of reducing carbon emissions, environmental impact and waste. The packaging of this product is 100% recyclable.

  • Sodium olivate (saponified olive oil), aqua (water), sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil), sodium shea butterate (saponified shea butter), sodium castorate (saponified castor oil), calendula officinalis (calendula flower extract)

  1. Work the soap into a nice lather with your hands before gently massaging into the skin.
  2. Suitable for use in both bath and shower.


I have tried many calendula soaps for my extra sensitive skin, and this is one of the best...has a silky rich lather and lasts ages. Unfragranced yet still smells nice and clean. Will be adopting this as my regular soap! 

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