Vanilla Blush Women's Ostomy Underwear

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Comfy, practical underwear for women living with an ostomy bag or stoma appliance. A discreet internal pouch supports the weight of your ostomy bag for improved daily comfort and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Soft and stretchy cotton fabric for comfortable everyday wear.
  • Internal cotton pouch supports the weight of your ostomy bag.
  • Keeps your stoma appliance away from the skin for less sweating and irritation.

Living with an ostomy bag or stoma can be difficult to manage in daily life. However, with the help of specialist products like Vanilla Blush Underwear it is possible to boost comfort and confidence in a simple but effective way.

Vanilla Blush underwear contains a internal cotton pouch which runs from right to left and can support the weight of your ostomy bag or stoma appliance. This can reduce the number of bathroom trips as the pouch is holding the full bag and it also stops it protruding through underwear or clothes.

The internal cotton pouch also provides a comfortable barrier between your stoma appliance and the skin. This means less sweating, which in turn means less odour and irritation of sensitive skin, as well as reducing the risk of leeks cause by compromised adhesive.

Vanilla Blush Underwear is a simple but highly effective addition to the wardrobe of anyone living with a stoma or ostomy bag.

Available in a range of colours.

  • 65% Cotton
  • 35% Spandex Cotton
  • Internal Pocket
  • Wash Dark Colours Separately 

How to position your bag in the ostomy briefs:

  1. Angle your ostomy bag so that the opening is pointing towards your inner thigh.
  2. Place the bag inside the internal ostomy pocket.
  3. Go about your day with your ostomy appliance comfortably and securely fastened.

Very happy with the product, well made and comfortable.

These panties are very comfortable and the pocket for the bag at the front makes me feel more secure. 

I have an ostomy and loves these panties. I can actually wear my clothes before I had surgery with these panties. Everything is in place and smooth. 

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