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Available in three refreshing scents, these fragranced oils eliminate odour in stoma pouches and ostomy bags. Highly effective and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Effective odour control for ostomy and stoma pouches.
  • Available in Mint, Tangerine and Gardenia and Jasmine.
  • Works instantly with just 1 or 2 drops.

Ostomy bags and stomas can be difficult to live with, and many people find their confidence affected by the smell that is a natural byproduct of their use. However, with products like the Neutralise Drops, it is possible to control odours and regain peace of mind when going out or socialising.

Neutralise Drops use a powerful Nanozyme that identifies and eliminates pouch odours, replacing them with their own refreshing scent. With Mint, Tangerine and Gardenia and Jasmine to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find drops to suit your style and boost your confidence. The transparent container also takes the guesswork out of knowing when to reorder!


    • Limonene, Linallol, fragrance oil

    1. Just place 1 or 2 drops in the pouch prior to use.


    Masks the smell in my colostomy bag.

    Pleasant odour - easily used container.

    Odour can be a massive worry with a stoma but Ostomist takes the worry away. My op was done on a site where the body produces a lot of digestive enzymes, a 'no choice' decision to save my life. The battle of the pong is resoundingly won with Ostomist! The Ozone layer above my house can recover as my very heavy duty sprays are no longer needed. Confidence is a really important part of living with a stoma. I have it back. Recommended. 

    Feel much more confident now when changing my bags as with the pleasant scent from the oil it has done away with unpleasant smells lingering in the bathroom.

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