PEEL Adhesive Remover

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A helpful product for gently removing medical adhesive from the skin. Propellent-free and available in a range of pleasant fragrances. Spray and wipes both available.

Key Features:

  • Effective removal of medical adhesive.
  • Available in Blackberry, Apple, Mint and No Fragrance sprays.
  • Available in a pack of easy to use wipes.

During treatment, it is common to have dressing applied in one form or another at certain points along the way. Whether it’s after surgery or the regular maintenance of an ostomy bag, at some point you’re likely to have some adhesive residue left on the skin. This is unsightly and sticky, and can be surprisingly difficult to remove. For people living with stomas, skin can even become sore and irritated after a while.

Some people use rubbing alcohol to remove adhesive residue, but this can irritate sensitive skin. That’s why the team at Respond developed their Care Range Peel medical adhesive remover. Available in a range of fragrances, the Peel gently but effectively removes medical adhesive without irritation or fuss.

    • Hexamethydisiloxane, Octamenthylcydotetrasiloxane, Dihydromyrcenol

    No sting and easy to use full 360 all round spray minimising the need to waste any unnecessary spray saving money.

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