Na'Scent Ostomy Bag Deodorizer (354ml)

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The clear and easy to use Na’Scent Ostomy Odour Eliminator works with colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy pouches and can even be used on stoma caps to get rid of odours.

Key Features:

  • The original clear ostomy odour eliminator.
  • Requires only one to two squirts to be effective.
  • Non-toxic and works instantly.

Ostomy bags can be difficult to live with, and often people are disheartened by the smell that is a natural byproduct of their use. However, using products like the Na’Scent it is possible to eliminate smells and continue to socialise and enjoy the foods you like without worry.

The Na’Scent is instantly effective and incredibly easy to use. Just a couple of squirts directly into your ostomy bag, or a drop onto your stoma cap filter, and any unwanted odours will quickly be eradicated. This effective product is sure to improve the confidence and wellbeing of anyone living with an ostomy bag or stoma.

For Pouches:

  1. Each time you empty the pouch, place one or two squirts directly into the pouch.

For Stoma Caps:

  1. Place one to two drops directly into the filter of the cap to reduce odour of flatulence.


  1. Adjust the amount according to your need in order to realise complete odour control. 

Na Scent is the most liberating product on the market for ileostomists.

The very best deodoriser for ileostomy. 

This product really does do what it says and masks any odours from my stoma bag much better than anything else I have tried and by doing so it has given me more confidence when I'm out and about or in company! Worth every penny. 

Excellent product, works extremely well. 

My mother has a colostomy and really struggles to deal with the odour when emptying or changing. This product really helps. 

Na'Scent odour eliminator Great Product! When I first came out of hospital with my ileostomy I was so distressed about the smell when emptying my bag & was concerned about when I started going out again. Now I use a couple of squirts every time I empty my bag & it has made such a difference. I don't knock my family out with awful smells in the bathroom any more! 

I love this product my ileostomy can smell foul but this virtually takes the smell away. Occasionally I need to use air freshener as well. This has given me the confidence to empty my bag when I am out. 

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