Defiant Beauty Nail Oil 12g

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A remedy for dry or brittle nails using natural and organic ingredients. Defiant Beauty Nail Oil heals and restores nails whilst gently moisturising.

Key Features:

  • A fragrance-free nail oil that gently moisturises damaged nails.
  • Restores a healthy natural appearance.
  • Uses only natural and organic ingredients to suit weakened nails.
  • Reduces nail damage and significantly improves nail condition.

It’s very common for nails to become dry and brittle as a side effect of cancer treatment. In this weakened state nails don’t have the same appearance and are prone to breaking more easily, causing pain and discomfort. The regular application of Defiant Beauty Nail Oil can help make nails stronger and healthier-looking, for a more comfortable and confident you.

The unique formulation uses a small number of naturally derived ingredients to produce a light, fragrance free oil that rejuvenates and moisturises nails without the risk of irritation. Its just Macadamia Oil and Peach Kernel Oil with a dash of Vitamin E for good measure.

Jennifer Young started her beauty and skincare line when she was approached by her local hospital to develop a range of products that would give people living with cancer a sense of enjoyment and comfort whilst addressing areas of distress and concern. Defiant Beauty is the result, providing natural skincare and wellbeing support suitable for every stage of your cancer journey.

  • Ingredients: Prunuspersica (Peach Kernel Oil), Macadamia integrifolia (Macadamia Oil), Tocopherol (Vitami n E)

  1. Apply up to 3 times a day using the dropper provided.
  2. Place one drop of oil onto the cuticle and rub the nail oil into the cuticle and all over the nail.


Very good product, conditions nails! Really works and protects.

Lovely product. You only need the tiniest amount - it goes a long way.

Bought this for my mother-in-law during her chemo as she was concerned about using scented products. Says it's a lovely oil and helped keep her nails from drying out. 

My nails were yellow and dry and brittle. I could see the difference from the first application. 

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