SmileSaver Disposable Toothbrush

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A water-free option for maintaining oral hygiene. Ideal for people who are bed bound, living with restricted mobility or have recently undergone surgery.

Key Features:

  • Disposable toothbrush with built in toothpaste for use anytime.
  • Non-foaming, mess free and no need for water.
  • Free from triclosan and fluoride - safe to swallow.

Oral hygiene can become a difficult part of the day during cancer treatment, particularly for anyone living with restricted mobility. Sometimes it isn’t possible for a person to make it to the bathroom to brush their teeth, but brushing from bed can be a messy and difficult to do right.

The SmileSaver disposable toothbrush is great for people who are bed bound or find it hard to swallow, as each brush has a mild, effective toothpaste built-in. No water required, just start brushing with SmileSaver as you would normally, and then either swallow the excess liquid or spit into a nearby receptacle.

  • Glycerine, water, carbomer 934, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium saccharin, peppermint oil, flavor, sodium hydroxide, methyl paraben, xanthan gum, propyl paraben, color

  1. When you’re ready to brush, simply push the handle up toward the bristles.
  2. The toothpaste will squirt up into the bristles and you’re ready to brush.
  3. When finished, please recycle the used brush.

    Nothing makes me feel more gross than not being able to brush my teeth and I really struggled to do it while bed bound. This brush is perfect.

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