Self-Opening Scissors

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The spring loaded blade built into this pair of lightweight scissors means cutting can be done with very little pressure or need for dexterity. A great tool for helping someone living with cancer maintain independence.

Key Features:

  • Spring loaded mechanism opens scissors after each cut.
  • Large ergonomic handle allows greater control and stability.
  • Safety tab secures blade when not in use.

Cancer treatment can effect dexterity and grip, making some everyday tasks more difficult and even uncomfortable to carry out. Specially designed equipment can help people struggling with weakened grip or limited dexterity to maintain independence.

These self-opening scissors are lightweight, so cuts can be made without much pressure, and automatically reopen after the cutting action is completed. Made from durable stainless steel, they’re ideal for cutting food and herbs in the kitchen, or paper and card for arts and crafts.

  • Width: 25mm (1')
  • Length: 220mm (8½')
  • Depth: 60mm (2¼')
  • Product Weight: 131g (4½oz)


It had become very frustrating to be unable to use normal scissors. These scissors have made a fantastic difference to my life. This may seem to be an overstatement but, before my illness, I hadn't realised how often you need to cut things with scissors. These are perfect and very easy to use - even with very weak fingers. So good that I bought a second pair for use in the kitchen.

So easy to use especially with a disability.

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