The Little Book Of Mindfulness For Cancer

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The Little Book of Mindfulness is a beautifully colour-illustrated book which helps to teach you 40 easy ways to be mindful every day.

Mindfulness can help many people living with cancer and is especially helpful in dealing with insomnia, pain, stress and anxiety.

Dr Patrizia Collard is a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, stress management consultant and lecturer in psychotherapy at the University of East London.

This book is filled with five-to-ten-minute exercises which she teaches to help reduce stress.

  • Mindful techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Helps you to take more enjoyment in life and allows you to appreciate the little things
  • Mindfulness practice can result in a better night's sleep
  • Written by a leading Mindfulness teacher

What is mindfulness?

Simply speaking, mindfulness is a technique to calm your mind and help yourself to be 'in the moment' while acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. The Little Book of Mindfulness goes into detail about mindfulness and its importance.

Is mindfulness the same as meditation?

Some experts believe the two words are interchangeable, while others state that mindfulness is a type of meditation. It's really up to how you choose to practise the exercises, and how they make you feel - they could be something you set aside quiet time for every day, or they could just be something you do now and then as you go about your normal routine.

What is the Little Book of Mindfulness?

The Little Book of Mindfulness is a beautifully illustrated book, packed with 40 simple and easy-to-learn techniques to help you be more mindful every day. The best part is these stress-busting tricks only take 5-10 minutes, and can benefit you in an abundance of ways, from helping you to appreciate the little things in life, to getting a better night's sleep.

Who is Dr Patrizia Collard?

Dr Patrizia Collard, the author of the Little Book of Mindfulness, is a psychotherapist, stress management consultant, mindfulness teacher and university lecturer.

Patrizia Collard works as a counsellor, trainer, coach and therapist. She incorporates a large variety of techniques and approaches into her work, applying the best treatment to each client. She lived in the Far East for nine years (Hong Kong and China) where she developed a uniquely holistic approach to counselling. She is a member of many governing bodies (BABCP, UKCP, ISMA, Association for Coaching, Austrian Association for Behaviour Therapy, Institute for Health Promotion and Education and Obsessive Action) and is always in touch with cutting-edge developments in her fields of expertise.

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