Mastectomy Bras & Underwear FAQs

  • Traditional bras can be very uncomfortable to wear after a mastectomy, as they are typically not very effective at containing breast protheses and can irritate sensitive skin. Mastectomy bras are wire-free and made from soft, lightweight fabrics for increased comfort, and they will also include pockets for protheses and ice packs.
  • It can take anything from a few weeks to several months before you feel like you have fully recovered from a mastectomy. Everyone’s healing process is different and cancer treatment can take a great emotional and physical strain, so it may be a while before you start to feel ‘normal’ again, but discomfort will lessen over time. Remember to go at your own pace and to speak with your doctor about any issues you are experiencing.
  • Often you will be able to wear the same bra size as before surgery, but you may need to experiment a little with different cup and band sizes, as well as different protheses, to find the most comfortable fit for you.