Mastectomy Bras & Underwear FAQs

  • There are two kinds of mastectomy bras. Post-surgery mastectomy bras are specially designed to maximise comfort and support your healing process after breast surgery, and may feature some form of compression to help reduce swelling in the breast and underarm area. Other mastectomy bras are designed for wear after your mastectomy has fully healed, and include features such as pockets for breast forms, which can fill out the shape of your missing breast under clothes. Both types of mastectomy bra are usually made from extremely soft materials like this bamboo bra, in order to properly care for the tender skin around the surgery area as it heals. Mastectomy bras are also unlikely to feature underwires, as these can press and rub against sore skin and prevent healing. 
  • Mastectomy bras are ideal for wearing after any kind of breast surgery, and many post-surgery bras are also useful in reducing lymph build-up by compressing the area. This applies if you've had a lumpectomy, single mastectomy, bilateral mastectomy or reconstruction - if you need a soft, sensitive bra that supports without discomfort, a mastectomy bra is ideal. 
  • Most mastectomy bras include a small pocket or insert inside the cup of the bra, which allows you to place your breast prosthesis inside. If you have lost one or both breasts, this is a helpful feature for achieving the shape you're used to seeing under clothes. However, many women also find it more comfortable on a day-to-day basis to wear a mastectomy bra without a breast form, and most mastectomy bras are designed to account for this - they should be comfortable either way.
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