The After Effects of Mastectomy FAQs

  • Mastectomy bras are bras specially designed for women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. They are made from soft, lightweight fabrics to cater to more sensitive skin, are easier to take on and off, and include discrete pockets for breast prothesis or ice packs. They are a great way to help you feel more comfortable with your body after surgery.
  • Most people find their wounds take around 2 to 3 weeks to heal, but swelling and stiffness can last several months. Everybody’s recovery is different, so it is important to go at your own pace and take steps to make yourself as comfortable as possible in the weeks and months after treatment.
  • A mastectomy sleeve is a compression sleeve that can be worn during recovery. Lymphedema is a common side effect of some breast cancer treatments, and it means a swelling of the arms. Compression sleeves can be a great way of easing and reducing painful swelling so that you can feel more comfortable during recovery.