LympheDIVA Arm Sleeve

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These fun and fashionable compression sleeves have been created to inspire cancer survivors to feel beautiful, strong and confident. An effective medical aid that looks great too.

Key Features:

  • Uses palm compression to push lymphatic fluid toward the body.
  • Innovative design eliminates double compression at the wrist.
  • Infused with aloe vera for added softness and skin protection.

Many people who undergo radiotherapy, chemotherapy and specific surgeries experience an uncomfortable swelling of the arms as a permanent side effect of treatment, known as lymphedema. Compression sleeves are often recommended as the most effective way of managing lymphedema, pushing the lymphatic fluid which causes the swelling away from the limbs and back into the body.

Unfortunately, most of the compression sleeves currently available are dull, rough textured products that can quickly become hot and sweaty. This is what lead to the invention of LymphDIVA, compression sleeves that look great and take the reality of regular use into account. Practical products that understand the emotional impact of life with medical aids.

Not only are there plenty of designs to choose from, each LymphDIVA is packed with helpful features for supporting lymphedema management. Moisture-wicking fabric draws sweat away from the body and dries quickly so that the compression sleeve stays cool and comfortable while it is worn. This comfort is improved further by incorporating micro-capsules of soothing and moisturising aloe vera.

The intelligent design uses graduated compression to work like a pump, pushing lymphatic fluid back toward the body. But thanks to the 360 degree stretch this doesn’t mean discomfort or restricted movement, just an effective compression sleeve.

LympheDIVA is perfect for anyone who requires a compression sleeve but still wants to be able to express their own sense of style. 


  • Material: 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra

Care Instructions:

  • To wash your gauntlet, please place in a lingerie/delicates bag and machine wash the garment on delicates setting in cold water using a gentle fabric detergent
  • Keep the garment in the delicates bag, tumble dry low until fully dry

Do Not:

  • Wash in hot water
  • Dry on high heat setting
  • Dry on any setting for an excessively long duration
  • Wring the garments dry
  • Hand wash
  • Dry clean
  • Use any chemical solvent or bleach, fabric softener or any other laundry additive
  • Use creams, oils, and lotions immediately prior to donning the garment.
  • Doing any of the above can compromise the delicate nature of the fibers that make up your garment, can more rapidly deteriorate compression and lower the useful lifespan of the garment
  • For best results, we recommend rotating between 2 or more garments and washing the garments frequently in between use

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