Care+Wear Ultra-Soft Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover

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These comfortable, discrete covers keep your PICC line safe and secure without restricting movement. Stretchy, soft and available in a range of colours to suit your style.

Key Features:

  • Made from safe and hygienic antimicrobial fabric.
  • Soft and stretchy cotton/spandex blend.
  • Mesh window for breathability and monitoring of PICC site.

A PICC line (peripherally inserted catheter line) is used to give someone chemotherapy treatment or other medicines. It is common for them to be kept in for the entire length of treatment.

Keeping your PICC line clean and secure between treatments can be a frustrating and often uncomfortable task. They can become loose or snag on clothes while changing and cause redness and pain in the injection site. For this reason many people undergoing chemotherapy choose to wear a PICC line cover between treatments to keep their PICC line safe and held comfortably in place.

These covers are extra soft, stretchy and hypoallergenic for a hygienic and comfortable method of keeping your PICC line out of harm’s way. A transparent mesh window provides breathability and allows you to monitor your PICC line without taking the cover off. Perfect for staying at home or when out and about.

    The idea for Care+Wear's innovative PICC line covers came after a friend's experience receiving treatment through a PICC line. Their friend was told to wear a sock to protect and cover the PICC line site, making the uncomfortable treatment even more uncomfortable. The bulky white sock became a constant reminder of the illness. They decided to create something new and better that would help patients living with PICC lines. They wanted to help them see themselves as people first, and patients second.

    Contact your doctor immediately with any redness, swelling, pain, or fever.

    This is NOT designed to replace a dressing, but is a cover for over a PICC dressing. 

    Please note: We recommend that you measure your bicep before ordering to ensure you get the right size. Get a friend to measure the circumference of your bicep where the PICC line will be or is already inserted. If you are between sizes, please order a size down as the covers run large. Please be advised that sizes are guidelines only.

    • Available in sizes ranging from XS to XL
    • Antimicrobial, EPA approved fabric lasts up to 50 washes
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Does not contain latex or natural rubbers
    • Sleeve is a cotton/spandex blend (92% cotton/8% spandex)
    • Mesh is polyester
    • Designed with patients and clinicians in the USA
    • Made in PRC


    Very comfy. Love the mesh window so do not need to roll down to check the line.

    Very good for ensuring the stability of the PICC entry into the skin - this bit can become sore if it is allowed to move. Also provides additional protection above the thin plastic PICC dressing. 

    Looks great, feels great, looks so much neater and contemporary than the old fashioned cream bandage you get at the hospital which soon looks grubby! 

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