BEA Chemo Hat

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This close-fitting chemo hat looks great with pretty trim stitched in a contrasting thread. Made of incredibly soft viscose jersey fabric, it’s a great choice for feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful.

Key Features:

  • Chemo hat made from soft and breathable viscose jersey.
  • Contrast stitching and beautiful flower detail.
  • Available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

We know that hair loss and hair thinning during cancer treatment can be scary, it shouldn’t stop you feeling confident, brave and beautiful. Many people choose to wear headpieces such as hats and scarves during cancer treatment as a way of looking and feeling great. Soft hats protect the scalp against irritation as well as becoming sunburnt, a common issue for many people living with cancer.

This stylish little hat is perfect for everyday wear. Soft, breathable and versatile, it can be worn to any occasion without looking out of place. A fantastic alternative to ‘patient wear’, Bea Beautiful with this gorgeous hat from suburban turbans.


  • Viscose jersey-92% viscose / 8%elastane

Care Instructions:

  • Washable by hand or by machine at 30C
  • No need to press, just shake and leave to dry
  • Viscose content be aware of naked flames

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