The Recovery Brobe for Post Mastectomy Recovery

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The Recovery Brobe is the first bra and robe combination designed for breast cancer surgery recovery.

A luxurious robe with practical features for post-surgery recovery, plus a super-comfortable, colour-coordinated post-surgery bra - perfect for any woman undergoing mastectomy, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation or breast reduction. 

Inside the robe are two pockets on either side to hold post-operative fluid drains. The front closure bra also has built-in pockets to hold ice packs and/or a prosthetic breast and is detachable for added comfort throughout the day.

The Brobe is a one-of-a-kind recovery garment that's luxurious and stylish enough to wear long after the healing is done.


  • Stylish bra and robe combination, made to be worn before, during and after recovery
  • Luxurious fabric and functional robe for breast surgery recovery
  • In-built drain pockets inside the robe to hold post-operative fluid drains
  • Easy access 3/4 length sleeves - for easy IV access during treatment 
  • Super comfortable post-surgery bra
  • Convenient Velcro front-fastening, so you don't have to stretch to take it on or off
  • Integrated bra pockets to hold ice packs and/or breast prosthesis
  • Wireless yet supportive - keeps you comfortable and supported without irritating healing skin post-mastectomy

Brobes tend to run big. All Brobes are designed to fit a range of sizes. With a sports bra design, the detachable bra stretches to fit different band and cup sizes.

You will notice some sizes overlap into the next size. This size chart gives an indication of where one may fall for our sizing based on how they like to wear their clothes. For example: if you are a size 10 dress, with a bra that is 34 DD, you could order either the Medium OR Large depending on how you like your clothes to fit.

My cousin loves her “Brobe” and at a time like this in her life this was so needed! God is Great! Be encouraged you all!

Good fit and very practical.

Bought this for my mum and she was so pleased, it’s good to have something nice but practical for after surgery.

The Recovery Brobe for Post Mastectomy Recovery FAQs

  • Loose, soft clothing can be much easier on sensitive skin after any kind of surgery. It can also be a good idea to wear clothes that are easier to take on and off when you are still feeling stiff or experiencing limited mobility during treatment and recovery. The Brobe also includes practical additions such as in-built drain pockets and 3/4 length sleeves for easy IV access.

  • The Brobe is the first bra and robe combination designed for breast cancer surgery recovery.It includes multiple features for making recovery as comfortable a process as possible, from the built-in (& detachable) front closure bra that includes pockets for ice packs or protheses, to the velcro front fastening so that you don’t have to stretch to take it on and off.

  • Mastectomy pillows are compact surgical pillows for sore underarm and breast support, with a built in pouch for an ice pack to help soothe. Brobe’s own Cooling Recovery Pillow is also available here at LiveBetterWith.

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