The Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan

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Exciting new research reveals that regular exercise can reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence and extend your life. Exercise can also help you recover energy, strength, and flexibility diminished by lifesaving breast cancer treatments. The Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan features effective, inspiring workouts tailored for each type of surgery and adapted for differing fitness levels.

Please note, you should consult a Dr before undertaking strenuous exercise.

I had this book out of the library first, and got on with it so well that I decided to buy one, as the library were wondering if they were ever going to see it again! The content is broken down into easy to use sections. The explanations are clear and concise and supported with good, obvious photos. You only need to read through the descriptive a couple of times before you're using the photos alone. It's easy to dip into the sections you need as the exercises are grouped, depending on the type of surgery you've had. Thoroughly recommended,as it has the balance just right. I do have a similar book, but don't use it as there's too much narrative. 

This is the only book I've found since my surgery that really told me what I could do, how I should do it and when. Filled the gap between the great medical treatment and nonexistent rehab support. Would recommend to anyone recovering from breast cancer treatment. T explains exactly what has been done and how it affects you. 

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