Original Chillow® Cooling Device

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Original Chillow® Cooling Device - Made in the USA

Living with cancer can disrupt sleep for a variety of reasons, including stress, night sweats and increased sensitivity due to different types of treatment. Using the Original Chillow® cooling device insert can help to soothe the body and relax the mind before bed for better quality sleep.

Key Benefits

  • Encourages a deeper, more rejuvenating night’s sleep
  • Gel-free and latex-free design
  • Available exclusively at Live Better With 

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for promoting good mental and physical health. The Chillow can help those struggling to nod off due to feeling hot and irritated before bed, a common side effect from cancer treatment. Used in conjunction with a good bedtime routine, the Chillow can contribute to better sleep and waking up more refreshed.

A sleep study found that those using the Chillow spent up to 21% more time in REM sleep, the stage of sleep most important for feeling both mentally and physically refreshed the next day. It also found that those using the Chillow got to sleep faster by nearly two-thirds of the time as those without it.

Unlike other cooling pillow products, which can provide a surface too cold and solid to sleep on, the Chillow uses soft materials and a unique water based system that gently draws heat away from the body so that you can drift off faster and wake up revitalised. It is ideal for those with more sensitive or irritated skin who are struggling with sleep making settling down for the night easier than ever. 



I have had one before and needed a new one, this chillow is amazing. Keeps you cool even in the hottest of times! Do not buy any imitation ones they don’t stand up to the original!

It helps me get off to sleep at the start of the night.

Brilliant product. I don't know how it works but it does! Make sure you follow instructions and do them on flat surface. I now sleep with this rather than a fan so saving.on electric bill too! Highly recommended.

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