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This post-surgical shower aid allows safe washing whilst protecting drain sites. Specifically designed for patients recovering from chest surgeries such as mastectomies, The Shower Shirt is the safe and simple way to wash without risking infection.

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant garment for protection against water-borne bacteria.
  • Includes velcro pockets to help support drains.
  • Machine washable for convenience.

After chest surgery, doctors frequently advise patients not to shower without protecting drains, ports and catheters from water. This reduces the risk of infection from the water-borne bacteria that may come into contact with the wound site. Water coming out of even the cleanest tap is not truly sterile, and therefore it is very important wound sites are kept dry and protected whilst healing.

In reality this can make bathing or showering after surgery a much more difficult and time consuming process. Bathing isn’t always possible, and protecting the chest whilst cleaning the rest of the body can be awkward and uncomfortable to do well.

The Shower Shirt has been designed to protect and support surgical sites while you wash, practically eliminating the risk of water-borne infection and simplifying the process of covering those more vulnerable spots. You can simply slip into your Shower Shirt like a jacket, slip surgical drains into the internal pockets, fasten everything up and enjoy a shower as you normally would.

The innovative design of The Shower Shirt can help regain the relaxing sensation of a warm shower when recovering from surgery. A great gift for a loved one or yourself, The Shower Shirt can help reduce stress and anxiety whilst increasing safety and hygiene.

Available in both black and white.

  • Material: Water resistant woven polyester
  • Sizes available: S-XXXL
  • Dimensions: 14 x 13.5 x 16 inches

  1. Place arms in Shower Shirt sleeves.
  2. Place surgical drains in internal pockets and close with Velcro closure.
  3. Loop surgical drain tube slack around Velcro straps.
  4. Zip water-proof zipper to top under jaw line.
  5. Place Velcro® work flap over zipper.
  6. Tie drawstring around neck snugly.
  7. Wrap cinch strap snugly around neck.

Read ‘directions for use’ on hang tag of garment: 

  1. We strongly encourage, for precautionary measures, to lean over when washing hair.  
  2. We also encourage patients wipe dry the outside of garment after showering, and before removing. 
  3. If customers prefer the torso region of The Shower Shirt have a looser fit, clip the elastic on the bottom of the shirt for additional sizing around waist.  This increase in sizing at the bottom will not affect the needed protection for drains, ports, or catheters located in the chest and/or torso regions.
  4. In addition, dialysis patients can pull the shower shirt sleeves over the shoulder region, and the bottom of the shower shirt above the breast region for additional bathing access, while still protecting the hemodialysis catheter placed under the collarbone. 
  5. For most peritoneal patients, the bottom of the shower shirt should be left below the rib cage to cover the stomach region.
  6. The Shower Shirt elastic perimeter design gives customers a variety of options in term of sizing and bathing access. 

Please Note:

  1. For patients taking a bath, do not immerse the top portion of the body in water; keep the level of water no height than the bottom of The Shower shirt.


This shirt is amazing and so well designed. I had a bilateral mastectomy and was unable to shower until my surgical drains were removed. This shirt was a lifesaver. So easy to put on and kept the covered area completely dry. It made a huge difference to be able to shower, even if it’s just the lower half of my body. Also included great tips for washing one’s hair — bend at the waist and lean your head down under the shower spray! This shirt was way more than I expected to pay, but it was also very well made, high quality, and thoughtfully designed. When you’re recovering from surgery and trying to protect a delicate surgery area, you definitely want and need a quality garment to protect you so you can take a shower and feel somewhat human again.

I just had a double mastectomy and I can't shower for a total of about 3 weeks, and I'm not happy. I found this shower shirt and the price seemed steep compared to the product images, but I can't go 3 weeks without a shower so I pulled the trigger. I'm so glad I did! This isn't just a trash bag, it's really well made and constructed out of nice heavy material. There is a soft lining around the neck and it kept water out completely. I was able to wash my hair and pretty much everything except my surgical area and felt so much better. My one piece of advice is to not take a super hot, long shower. The shirt is water tight and I wanted to hang out in there but could tell I was starting to get a sauna effect and get sweaty.

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