LimbO Waterproof PICC Line Cover

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Perfect for the shower, this waterproof cover keeps your PICC line secure and dry whilst you wash. Easy to use and highly effective.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof protection for your PICC line, midline or dressing on the elbow or upper arm.
  • Easy to put on and use.
  • Comfortable, soft neoprene seals.
  • Available in 2 sizes M75 (30-39cm upper arm circ.) & M65 (26-29cm upper arm circ.)

A PICC line (peripherally inserted catheter line) is used to give someone chemotherapy treatment or other medicines. It is common for them to be kept in the arm for the entire length of the treatment.

It is important to keep your PICC line clean and dry between treatment sessions, which can make washing a much more difficult part of the day. For this reason, many people use a waterproof protector to keep their arm clean and dry when in the shower.

The LimbO waterproof protector uses soft neoprene seals to keep the PICC line and dressing completely dry whilst you wash, and is easy to take on and off as needed. It is a comfortable, easy to use option for anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

  • Seal: Neoprene
  • Sleeve: PVC
  • Ideal for an upper arm circumference of 30 – 39 cm (measure above the PICC line, midline or dressing)
  • Hand-wash the LimbO as required.
  • A mild disinfectant or detergent can be used
  • Store in a dry place at room temperature

Putting on the LimbO

  1. Using your thumb and forefinger, carefully grip your LimbO’s black neoprene seal by its outer edge where it joins the clear plastic body of the protector. Insert your injured limb into the seal opening, gently pushing it into the protector. (For leg models fit the LimbO so that your toes are at the pointed end). Be careful not to puncture the LimbO with sharp fingernails or jewellery.
  2. Still gripping the LimbO as described above, draw it up easing the black seal over the cast or bandage, then allow the seal to turn inwards as it slides up to secure. Securing the LimbO.
  3. When up as high as possible, pull the LimbO down slightly so that the seal reverses itself, turning upwards so that the inner surface of the seal is in direct contact with your skin.
  4. Ensure that the seal of your LimbO lays flat against your skin and is wrinkle-free with a snug, comfortable fit to guarantee waterproof protection.
  5. It is advisable to remove some of the air trapped in the LimbO, particularly if it is being used in a bath, to avoid excessive ‘ballooning’ and floating. This is done by carefully lifting the seal when it is out of the water and squeezing the air out of the LimbO.
  6. Don't use for more than 20-30mins at a time because the hot air can cause condensation and increase the likely hood that the dressing may become less secure.

Taking off your LimbO Waterproof Protector:

  1. Carefully roll the seal back on itself a little and ease it over your cast or dressing. You will now be able to easily slide the protector off your limb.
  2. Hang your LimbO upside down away from any direct heat source to dry. It will be ready to use whenever needed, assisting your recovery.

Brilliant! Up until now, I've been having to wrap my husband's arm in special cling film, tea towels and another wrap. This is a wonderful product which I highly recommend!

Great product.

Easy to use and works great.

Use every day in shower, keeps water splashes and drips off my PICC line.

I don't know how I would have kept my PICC line dry without it. Would definitely recommend. 

This kept my PICC line bone dry while in the shower. Great fit, and so easy to use. 

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