Care+Wear Hospital Gown

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Designed to provide a little more dignity than the standard patient gown, the Hospital Gown from Care+Wear is packed with practical features to help you stay comfortable and covered up during treatment. 

  • Secure wrap-style front opening and front pocket slit - allows doctors access to your chest without having to undress
  • Snap fastenings on the arms and back - allow doctors to easily access your IV or use a stethoscope on your back
  • Lower slit opening on the back - for easy bathroom use and lower body access (e.g. colonoscopy)

Wearing a flimsy gown in hospital can make the whole process feel scarier and more 'real' for patients. Making sure doctors and nurses have quick access to areas of your body for tests, procedures, and checkups can mean whipping off your top or trousers at a moment's notice, and this can be pretty distressing for patients who are already feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable.

So patient experience experts Care+Wear teamed up with fashion designers at Parsons School of Design in New York to create the ultimate patient gown, combining patient comfort and dignity with practical access points for medical professionals. 

Helpful features include:

  • Front pocket slit for chest port, telemetry, and stethoscope access
  • Inner and outer tie fastenings
  • Colour-coded ties with thumb loops for easy tying
  • 4 snap fastenings on each arm for easy port access
  • No metal parts - can be worn in MRI scanners
  • 2 snap fastenings on back - for easy upper back access
  • Lower back design with stay-in-place opening for modesty
  • Back slit opening for easy lower body access

    • The gown has two front ties, one inner (blue) and one outer (white). Tying both allows you to have more privacy.
    • Each sleeve can be separately opened to various lengths using the snap fastenings.
    • Two snap fastenings at the back of the gown allow your doctors to access your upper back without fully undressing.
    • The front pocket contains a small slit opening that can provide access to your chest.

    Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to wear the Care+Wear Hospital Gown:

    The Care+Wear Hospital Gown is made from a soft, durable cotton/polyester blend. The material medium weight - not as flimsy as standard gowns, but still lightweight enough to be breathable.

    • Machine wash on a warm setting
    • Do not wash in chlorine bleach
    • Tumble dry low and remove promptly from the machine

    Very pleased with the design and material. Gives dignity when wearing in public (hospital). Literally a good cool colour, as opposed to the annoying, busy, patterned NHS gowns. A top buy this year. 

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