About ONKO Health

ONKO is a health-tech business that supports people with cancer before, during and after treatment by providing customised programmes for quicker recovery, better quality of life and long-term survival.

How ONKO Health helps

ONKO provides professional support digitally, combining expertise from cancer dietitians, physiotherapists, specialist nurses and psychologists. This unique approach combines the connectivity and intelligence of technology with the support of real healthcare professionals to ensure patients get the very best results.

Their technology allows for frequent education, understanding and connected care to help you achieve the best quality of life and fastest route to recovery. ONKO’s service ensures you are not only supported but personally empowered, energised and motivated.

Why we recommend ONKO Health

ONKO provides support in multiple areas to help you feel better and manage your condition. Their fully digital service can help improve fitness, reduce anxiety, access nutrition plans and make positive changes to your lifestyle.  

ONKO’s makes a difference:

9/10 people using ONKO maintain or improve physical fitness

8/10 contain or improve anxiety scores

7/10 maintain or improve quality of life

25% improve their tolerance to treatment

44% have reduced complications

53% report an improvement in quality of life

How it works

Step 1 - Assess

Your current health status is assessed via ONKO’s Cancer Health Checker. A starter health kit is sent to you. This enables you and ONKO to track your progress, together.    

A video health consultation is then arranged so you can get to know the ONKO team a little better, discuss your goals and customise your programme.

Step 2 - Plan

Each week, a goal-based health improvement plan is agreed and sent through to you.

Programmes are kept fresh and interesting and can be tweaked and adapted according to your individual needs.

Step 3 - Motivate

Your personal health coach will be available each week to support and enable you to achieve your goals. Regular content and information will be provided to keep you inspired and motivated.

Step 4 - Sustain

ONKO’s programmes are designed to help you adopt and sustain new habits that will lead to lasting health benefits.

By giving you the support and tools to build healthier habits, ONKO helps you achieve a better quality of life, a quicker recovery following cancer treatment and an improved overall survival.

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