About HeadWrappers

HeadWrappers is a free hair-loss advisory service, focusing on alternatives to wigs and providing practical support for anyone experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment. Their aim is to help people look good and to feel more confident about themselves as they undergo cancer treatment that may cause hair loss.

How it works

HeadWrappers offer virtual group and individual sessions, showing various techniques for tying scarves of different shapes and sizes

Once initial contact has been made and a date and time agreed, HeadWrappers will send out a scarf and various accessories. 

During the hour-long session, you can expect to be -

  • shown scarf tying techniques using various shapes and sizes of scarves
  • provided with practical tips for hair and scalp care
  • able to talk through concerns over hair loss 


What people say about HeadWrappers - Hair-loss Advisory Service