About Careology

Following a cancer diagnosis, it’s completely normal to feel confused and overwhelmed. There’s a lot to get your head around, including managing your treatment plan which can often feel complicated. Careology uses intelligent technology to track your symptoms help make things a little less complicated.

Why we recommend Careology Help

The Careology team has created a platform that not only provides useful tools, but also looks and feels like any great app you would want to use as part of everyday life - they want to create something that is for people, not patients. Behind the user-friendly interface sits a secure platform to ensure that your data is encrypted and remains safe, and you have their solemn pledge that they will not sell or market your personal information to anybody else.

How it works

With five easy-to-use features, Careology can help you deal with things more easily and put you in control of your cancer care: 

1) Monitor

Record your symptoms and side effects so you can easily keep track of how you’re feeling, and see when to contact your care team. Careology also integrates with a range of popular health-tracking devices that track your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, weight and activity levels. 

2) Journal

Save the things that need remembering in the app so they’re easy to recall and share. Jot down questions, organise your thoughts and keep notes of how you’re feeling each day.

3) Medication

Keeping on top of your medication can be hard. Different drugs and doses on different days (and that’s before treatment plays havoc with your memory). The app helps you take your medication accurately and on time through easy-to-use scheduling and reminders.

4) Sharing

Whenever you’re concerned, Careology lets you share your status with your care provider so they can check things over, removing the guesswork so you never feel like a nuisance. The app can also let your friends and family see how you are, so they can support you wherever they may be.

5) Calendar 

You have a complete record of symptoms, side effects, medications, notes and appointments, all in one place, so it’s quick and easy to recall and share all aspects of what happened and when.