About Amber Thomas

Amber Thomas is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Board-Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition (CSO), and an online nutrition coach through her private practice Cancer Nutrition Solutions. Before starting her own practice in 2019, Amber counselled thousands of cancer patients and survivors in the United States.

How Amber can help

Amber is Live Better With's expert Cancer dietitian. 

Those interested in a consultation can fill out the call back from provided and Amber will get in touch to book an initial call (in the case of UK clients, it will be an online video call). 

During the consultation, Amber will find out about your diagnosis, examine your food fears, eating restrictions, and personal food beliefs. She will then begin to help navigate you through treatment and managing your diet around it.

With her extensive experience guiding men and women through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she can guide you proactively around the obstacles you may face. Even though everyone experiences side effects differently, being prepared for the likely can help you succeed.

Together, you will set goals and discuss eating strategies to stay nourished during treatment while talking about barriers to body atonement and food peace.

Coaching Plans Available

Personalised plans begin from $200 and range to $400. Group sessions are also available.

Fill out the call back form to arrange an initial consultation with Amber.