Nine-year-old makes wigs from scratch to donate to little girls who have lost their hair from cancer

Lauren Laray wigs cancer
Lauren LaRay (Photo credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

A thoughtful schoolgirl is on a mission to help young cancer patients feel more beautiful and confident while undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Nine-year-old Lauren LaRay is making wigs for young girls with cancer who’ve lost their own hair. She is making them from scratch at home after school.

Using nothing more than a crochet needle, weave cap and store-bought hair, Lauren says her goal is to make the wigs look as natural as possible.

The youngster started her campaign last year January with the aim to raise enough money to make 30 wigs. Earlier this year, she met her target but is still raising more money so she can create even more pretty wigs to donate to girls with cancer experiencing hair loss.

Lauren with CEO
Lauren with Jeff Gordon, the CEO of Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

Little Lauren was inspired to help girls experiencing hair loss after her pal’s sister was diagnosed with cancer.

In a how-to video where Lauren demonstrates how to make her wigs, she says: “My name is Lauren and today I’m going to make a crocheted wig.”

In the footage, she continues: “My best friend’s little sister has cancer and I just felt bad for her.”

Her best friend is Celina Mendoza, and Celina’s little sister, Leah, 6, did not lose all of her hair. It’s growing back, so the wig that Lauren had originally intended for her will go to another girl with cancer.

In a show of support, Celina also cut off her hair to donate to those with cancer.

The wigs created so far have been donated to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation in Las Vegas. Not wanting to leave boys out, she is also hoping to design T-shirts.

Lauren has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for her project. So far, she has raised more than $1,500. Those who wish to donate synthetic hair or funds for Lauren’s wig-making project can email