If you get too hot at night or suffer from night sweats, bamboo bedding could be the answer. Here’s how bamboo has helped people going through cancer treatment, menopause and other conditions to keep cool and get a better night’s sleep…

It might sound a bit strange, but bamboo could be an answer to your sleeping problems.

Bamboo fibre is incredibly soft, naturally antibacterial and absorbs moisture. It also regulates temperature, keeping you cool when you have night sweats or hot flushes – making it perfect for bedding, including sheets and duvet covers.

In fact, bamboo bedding has been a great discovery for the Live Better With cancer and menopause communities. People undergoing cancer treatment can suffer from side effects which make it hard to sleep, such as sensitive and irritated skin, getting too hot or having difficulty keeping warm enough.

Women going through menopause can find hot flushes and night sweats ruin their sleep patterns.

But bamboo sheets, duvet covers and even pyjamas can help anyone who has a hard time sleeping through the night. Here are five reasons why bamboo works so well for bedding…

1) Bamboo fibres regulate your temperature

In fact, what bamboo fibres do is allow your body to regulate its own temperature.

If your environment becomes too hot, your body naturally tries to cool down by sweating. Water droplets are pushed to the surface of your skin, and as these evaporate they carry energy in the form of heat away from your body, keeping your temperature down.

The problem is that most bedding is made from cotton. Cotton traps moisture, meaning that the environment around your body gets saturated with water and your sweat can’t evaporate properly. The heat is trapped in your bedding and reflected back to you, until you become unbearably hot and end up throwing your duvet or blankets off to get some cool air.

Then, as your sweat evaporates quickly in the open air, you can get too cold. So you pull your cover back on and the cycle begins again.

Bamboo bedding breaks this hot-cold-hot cycle. When you’re not sweating, it keeps you cosy and warm like any bedding material. But if you do sweat, instead of trapping the moisture the bamboo fibres carry it away from your body. The water rises through the material and to the top surface of the bedding, where it can evaporate.

So your body can naturally regulate its own temperature without breaking up your sleep.


2) Bamboo is great for night sweats

Anyone can sweat at night if they get too hot. But the kind of true ‘night sweats’ suffered by some women going through menopause are not caused by an overheated environment. Rather, they are hot flushes which occur when you’re asleep. Your bedding and pyjamas become suddenly drenched, spoiling your sleep and feeling very unpleasant.

Bamboo is the best material for bedding if you suffer from night sweats because it is a ‘moisture-wicking’ fabric. This means that it quickly moves sweat through tiny gaps in the fabric to the outer surface, getting it away from your body. And it then dries very quickly too, so the sweat doesn’t saturate the material, leaving you much more comfortable.

So if you suffer night sweats, bamboo bedding can leave you feeling cool and dry, instead of sticky and hot.

It is also naturally antibacterial and odour-resistant.

3) Bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin

Bamboo fibre contains a protein that our bodies can easily recognise. This makes it much less likely  to irritate the skin than other materials.

This hypoallergenic property means bamboo bedding is perfect for people going through chemotherapy who might have very dry and irritated skin and find that the itchiness stops them sleeping.

It’s also ideal for people suffering skin problems after surgery or from radiotherapy treatment.


4) Bamboo is naturally antibacterial

Bamboo fibre contains a natural antimicrobial agent called ‘bamboo kun’. This makes bamboo fabric resistant to bacteria, and also to mould, fungus and odour – even after multiple washes.

That makes it a good choice for people with a weakened immune system due to a cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy.

5) Bamboo is really soft

Bamboo fibre bedding is extra silky and soft. Bamboo is to cotton as cashmere is to wool… It’s cosier, more luxurious, and that much more likely to make you say ‘ooooh’ when you slip into bed!

(Which is why bamboo also makes for perfect pyjamas.)


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