Mother's Day is a time when we show our appreciation for the women in our lives who love and support us. But if they are going through cancer treatment, you might want to get them something a little more practical than the usual flowers or chocolates. Whether it is your mum, grandma, aunt or friend that you want to show some love this Mother’s Day, here’s some gift ideas that will brighten their Sunday.

Live Better With CanPlan Cancer Planner


There’s lots of new information, medical jargon and appointments to keep track of during cancer treatment, and it can be tricky staying on top of everything. The CanPlan Cancer Planner has been designed to ensure organisation isn’t an issue, and it’s also full of uplifting quotes and positivity exercises for mental wellbeing.


Mindful Moments Teddy Bear Gift Set

If you know your mum needs some help finding a bit of peace and calm, consider the Mindful Moments Teddy Bear Gift Set. From the Relaxation Reed diffuser to the moisturising calendula soap, these thoughtful but practical products have been selected to help with symptoms such as sensitive skin, hot flushes and stress. 

Chillow Cooling Pillow


We all know the importance of good quality sleep, but side effects such as sensitive skin and night sweats can make it very difficult to rest well during treatment. The Original Chillow Pillow® insert uses a unique water based cooling system to soothe the body and mind so that it is easier to drift off. It’s a gentle, effective solution to many issues with comfort.

Soothe & Protect Teddy Bear Gift Set

Everything in this gift set has been designed to soothe and moisturise the skin. Some treatments can make skin dry and sensitive, so we’ve selected products that will pamper the lady you love whilst providing relief from irritation.