Ostomy underwear really can be secure and comfortable – and even stylish. Here’s a guide to underwear for women, men and children living with a stoma…

If your bowel cancer treatment means that you’re going to have a stoma and use a colostomy or ileostomy bag, we need to talk underwear . . . because the right underwear can make an enormous difference to how secure, comfortable you feel.

But, in case you think that means saying goodbye to attractive, colourful, stylish, underwear, we have good news. Today’s ostomy underwear ranges are all about making you feel good about yourself and boosting your confidence. Take a look at what’s on offer in the Live Better With online shop and you’ll see what we mean!

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Why is specially designed underwear better for people with a stoma?

Standard underwear styles aren’t designed for stoma bags, which can make things tricky for you.

For a more secure fit around your bag, or for a discreet, flattering high-waisted style, specially designed ostomy underwear is the perfect solution.

Ostomy underwear styles for women

Image of Women's Ostomy Underwear - 3 Pack.

Vanilla Blush Women’s Ostomy UnderwearWe think you will love the Vanilla Blush range, which proves that ostomy underwear doesn’t have to be dull. They have pretty lace ostomy high-waisted knickers available in vibrant teal and berry, for example, and a special pack of ostomy briefs gives you five different styles – great value too. The black, navy and white ostomy underwear three-pack comes in sizes 6-22.

Our customer, Eve, loves the high-waisted briefs and gives them five stars! ‘These look lovely and really help me feel confident, thank you!’

If you need hernia support too, Vanilla Blush has just what you need – support vests, briefs, pantie girdles, boxers and camis. The vests work by spreading gentle pressure and support across your abdomen; they help to prevent leakage, will keep you feeling comfortable and secure – and reduce the chance of developing a parastomal hernia.

Vanilla Blush ‘Lady in Red’ Intimacy Ostomy Underwear


And for those special, intimate moments, Vanilla Blush Intimacy styles, like Lady in Red, with their discreet split crotch design and internal pocket for supporting your ostomy bag, are designed to make you feel sexy and secure. Who says that you can’t be a foxy lady when you have an ostomy?


Ostomy underwear styles for men

Vanilla Blush has made sure that, when it comes to ostomy underwear, men aren’t neglected! The stylish boxers, which are available in  white, black and navy, are fitted with an internal cotton pouch that keeps your bag from sitting against your skin. This reduces sweating that can cause odour and skin irritation.

Image of Men's Ostomy Underwear - 3 Pack.

There’s an ostomy hernia support range for men – vests, boxers, and briefs. As one of our customers says, ‘They are my favourite support-wear. Forget belts, this is proper support underwear that is a pleasure to wear!’


And because children have ostomies too . . .

Although bowel cancer among children is relatively rare – the risk increases with age – it does happen, so Vanilla Blush has designed a special junior range of ostomy underwear for girls and boys.

Vanilla Blush Junior Girls Ostomy Underwear

The underwear is made from 100% cotton for comfort and the pocket runs from left to right, so can cope with stomas on either side. It’s tough being a kid with an ostomy, so anything that can help them feel better and makes life a little easier for their parents or carers has got to be a good thing.

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