Having treatment for cancer can sometimes cause a range of different mouth problems, including ulcers and sore patches, a dry and irritated mouth, and changes in the way things taste. Here are some essential mouthcare products specially designed to help reduce the symptoms and make things feel more comfortable. 

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can damage the delicate cells in your mouth, leading to sores, ulcers, pain and inflammation, and affecting your sense of taste. This can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as brushing your teeth, and can also make it harder to eat well. 


Orabase Protective Paste

If you’re suffering from painful ulcers or sore patches, it’s important to deal with them straight away. Using a protective paste can help to combat sores and ulcers.

Orabase Protective Paste has been specially formulated to attach to the delicate lining of the mouth (the oral mucosa) and cover any sore areas. It works by applying a soothing film over the ulcer or sore, which protects against exposure to food, drink and other acids, soothing your mouth and helping to support healing while also reducing the risk of inflammation and infection.

Ozalys Essential Care toothpaste and mouthwash

Ozalys Essential Care Refreshing Toothpaste 


Keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy can be challenging when you have mouth problems. It’s a good idea to use a specialist toothpaste and mouthwash, which are designed to support and care for sore mouths while also protecting against infection.

Ozalys Essential Care Refreshing Toothpaste is a mild toothpaste which has been specially formulated for people undergoing cancer treatment. It cleans gently and comfortably and can be used after every meal. 

The soft mint flavour provides freshness, without stinging or irritating your mouth, while the ginger extract helps to reduce dryness and discomfort. Ozalys toothpaste also contains pro-vitamin B5, to help soothe sore patches.

Using a cleansing mouthwash can also help to maintain good oral hygiene, protect against tooth decay and keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh during cancer treatment. 

As well as hydrating and freshening your mouth, Ozalys Comfort Care Mouthwash helps to strengthen your oral mucosa and protect against infection.

Its key ingredients include hyaluronic acid to help maintain healthy gums, and chlorhexidine digluconate which has antibacterial properties, while its mild, alcohol-free formulation means it can be used after every meal.


EvoMucy Moisturising Mouth Spray

Many people find that using a moisturising mouth spray can help to reduce the dryness and irritation that’s often associated with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

EvoMucy Moisturising Mouth Spray offers instant hydrating relief from a sore, irritated mouth and gums. 

Formulated with Evaux natural thermal spring water, which contains a unique range of natural minerals, this restorative spray soothes ulcers and other damaged areas, helping to reduce inflammation and lock in moisture, while also supporting the skin’s natural pH balance.  

Dr. Barman’s Superbrush

Dr. Barman’s Regular Superbrush 


Brushing your teeth can be difficult and painful when you’re undergoing cancer treatment. If you have a sore, irritated mouth or limited movement, using a specialist toothbrush can help.

Dr. Barman’s Regular Superbrush is designed to clean all three surfaces of your teeth at the same time, making it easier for you to keep your mouth clean and healthy. 

This unique toothbrush contains soft outer bristles which are specially angled for cleaning along your gum line, together with firmer filaments which effectively clean the surface of your teeth. The toothbrush also has a pulsating action, which has been clinically proven to help remove plaque. 

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Tips from oncology nurse, Cara: 

- You should avoid/minimise flossing to prevent damage to gums

- Always consult your doctor before seeing a dentist while having chemo

- If you wear dentures or plats, ensure you remove them so you can clean your mouth thoroughly 


By Dr Marian Trudgill


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