Our Roses and Romance gift guide is perfect for the woman you love who is going through cancer and who needs a bit of help relaxing and feeling intimate again.

Love Cancer Gifts

Sex, love and relationships are an important part of life. That fact doesn’t change when you’re living with cancer.

If you have a wife or partner who is dealing with cancer, we’ve put together a collection of our most romantic gifts for you to choose from. Many cancer treatments can cause side effects that are similar to menopause (and some treatments can bring on menopause quickly). Dryness, low libido and general aches and pains can make sex and intimacy more challenging. Thankfully, there are plenty of practical ways that you can ease your symptoms and side effects and get back to intimacy in ways you enjoy!

The gifts in our Live Better With Cancer Gift Guides are all designed to make the cancer experience easier, no matter what type of cancer your loved one is living with.

Romantic Gifts for the Woman Going Through Cancer

Cancer Lip Balm

1. Badger Balm Lip Balms: Made with natural ingredients and lovely essential oil blends, these Badger lip balms are sure to hydrate and restore your lips in no time!

Badger Muscle Rub Cancer

2. Badger Muscle Rub: Help to ease aches and pains all over the body with Badger Muscle Rub. Made using natural ingredients like cayenne and ginger, this balm will gently warm the skin and heat the muscles for quick relief.

Vaginal Dryness Cancer

3. Intimate Moisturizers from Replens and YES: Dryness is no fun, but thankfully, daily-use personal lubricants can help you to restore the natural balance of things. Remember regular personal lubricant use, combined with additional lubricants during intimate activity, can help you to feel comfortable and pain-free once more.

Starlytes Lavender Candle

4. Starlytes Lavender Scented Candles: Candles are warming and feature a super-relaxing lavender scent. Perfect for setting a mood and relaxing after a long day.

Bold Beanie Bouquet

5. Bold Beanie Bouquet: This beautiful assortment of cleverly-wrapped hats is a lovely way to show you care. Let your loved one choose from three beautiful patterns to find the hat that best suits their style.

Pocket Posh Book

6. Pocket Posh Puzzles: Pocket Posh Puzzles are a fun and relaxing activity that can be done solo or together! Help your loved one to fight chemo brain and feel alert with these beautiful puzzle books.

YES Lubricant

7. YES Water-Based Organic Personal Lubricant: A favourite in the cancer community, YES lubricants are discreet and gentle on your most sensitive areas. Perfect as an addition to regular personal-lubricant use.

Back Comfort Devil's Claw

8. Kneipp Back Comfort Massage Oil: Kneipp massage oil is a lovely, natural way to facilitate a gentle massage for a loved one or partner. Simply pour a few drops into the palm of your hand to warm the oil, and then massage any sore or tired areas of the body.

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Romantic Gifts for Cancer Patients