Care + Wear PICC Line Covers win  Best Being Comfortable Product prize at the Live Better With Spotlight Awards

picc line cover
Care + Wear PICC Line Covers have been voted the Best Being Comfortable Product

Medical wear brand Care + Wear has been awarded the Best Being Comfortable Product prize for their PICC Line Cover at the inaugural Spotlight Awards by Live Better With.

Below, we spoke to the Care + Wear team to find out more about the brand’s mission:

When was Care + Wear founded?

Care+Wear was founded in 2014 by Chat Razdan and Susan Jones after seeing a close friend’s difficult experience receiving chemotherapy treatment through a PICC line. Told to wear a tube sock to protect and cover the PICC line site, their friend found that this bulky, ugly sock not only made his taxing treatment even more uncomfortable, but it also served as a constant reminder of his illness. As they saw his struggle with getting dressed and going about his daily life, they decided to create something new and better that would help patients with PICC lines live comfortably, safely and stylishly. Recognising the growing need to bring innovation and design to the healthcare industry, Chat and Susan developed Care+Wear’s first product: an ultra-soft, antimicrobial, breathable and machine washable PICC Line Cover.


What is Care + Wear’s mission? 

Care+Wear strives to provide positive and effective treatment experiences for patients everywhere. By incorporating fashion into medical wear, we hope to improve patient comfort and satisfaction, while streamlining the treatment process for clinicians.


What makes Care + Wear’s covers stand out from the rest that are on the market?

Care+Wear’s product is a unique offering as it is antimicrobial, machine washable and the only cover with a patent pending mesh window to allow for visibility and breathability of the PICC site.

Care+Wear’s comprehensive design thinking approach is also different from other companies. We work in conjunction with patients, clinicians and designers to create all of our products to ensure that the needs of all parties are met and that we create the highest quality product possible.

care and wear team picc line cover
The Care + Wear team are based in New York: (l-r) Christina, Susan, TJ, Meg, Chat and Rachel

There’s a huge dignity aspect as to why these covers are so popular, can you explain further?

Undergoing treatment for serious conditions can be an overwhelming experience. When patients enter a hospital and are told to wear a gown or are given a foreign device to wear inside or outside of the body, they can feel stripped of both their identity and dignity. Care+Wear’s covers give patients and caregivers a sense of control of their treatment and an elegant solution to the usual products provided by hospitals. Whether you share your fight or want to keep it private, Care+Wear covers are a stylish, but discreet solution that meets the needs of patients and clinicians as well.


Live Better With is the exclusive seller of Care + Wear in the UK – why did you choose us?

Live Better With is a leader in the space of providing solutions to patients with serious conditions. We were impressed with LBW’s presence in the UK and eager to grow together to be able to help all patients in the UK.


How does it feel to know that customers love this product so much, that they nominated it for an award? 

It’s truly humbling to know that we’ve been able to have an impact around the world and that patients would take the time to nominate us. One of our major goals for our PICC Line Covers is to provide comfort to patients and we are thrilled that patients feel so strongly about our product. We are delighted to be awarded this prestigious honour and that our goal to help patients everywhere is being recognised. We hope to be able to provide comfort to patients for many more years to come.

picc line cover
Care + Wear covers come in a wide range of sizes and colours, making them suitable for people of all ages

As well as the covers, Care + Wear has also designed access clothing, what else do you have in the pipeline?

Care+Wear is constantly expanding its pipeline. In the coming months, we expect to launch mobility gloves for wheelchair users with Forbes 30 Under 30 healthwear designer Lucy Jones, a co-developed product with MedStar as a part of the MedStar Innovation Cohort and much more. Additionally, we also are working with several new leagues and teams on co-branded products. Make sure you stay tuned on Care+Wear and Live Better With and all of the exciting products to come!

The first of its kind, the Spotlight Awards shine a light on the achievements of truly remarkable people, products, and services in the cancer community. Nominated by the public, and voted by a panel of expert judges, the winners are from all walks of life, of all ages, and from across the world.

The Spotlight Awards have been organised by Live Better With, an award-winning online platform where cancer patients and their loved ones can find products and information to help with the symptoms and side effects of living with cancer.

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