What might you experience?

If your cancer is no longer curable, then you may hear the phrase terminal illness. There’s no set time-frame for how quickly this stage will progress but you will notice that your cancer will start to affect you in different ways as time goes on. Palliative care aims to help address these changes to help keep you comfortable and achieve the best quality of life possible for you and your loved ones. As you approach the end of life, your needs will change again and this is addressed in end-of-life care.

Why does this happen?

As your cancer progresses the impact it has on your body and the way you feel will change. To help you better understand why this happens and what you can do about it download and read our guide.

The guide will cover the following topics:

Mouth Trouble | Breathing Difficulties | Weight Loss | Bowel and Bladder issues | Washing and Bathing | Being Comfortable | Feeling Hot or Cold | Pressure Sores | Skin Things | Feeling Sick | Moving and Turning | DIfficult Thoughts | End of Life Care

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