Sherrie Rhodes was diagnosed with breast cancer after she spotted some dimpling during a shopping trip

Sherrie Rhodes

A brave mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer just days ago has shared an intimate photo of her rare symptom to help raise awareness.

Unlike the lump most people associate with breast cancer, mother-of-three Sherrie Rhodes noticed a less well-known symptom and wants to warn others.

Rhodes noticed two dimples at the side of her right breast while trying on a new swimming costume.

After seeing a post on Facebook that named dimples as a sign of breast cancer, Rhodes decided to visit her GP, the Independent reported.

She was then referred to a breast clinic where she was given the devastating news that she had breast cancer on Monday (July 24).

Sherrie Rhodes with her family

Rhodes knew that she had to warn other women and took to Facebook to share a picture of the dimples.

While still sitting in the car park, she shared a picture of the dimples on her breast with a message encouraging women to check for all abnormalities on their breasts – not just lumps.

Rhodes said: “I decided to do the post almost straight away. I was sat in the car park and thought, ‘I’m going to put a picture on Facebook’.

“It’s an intimate area and I was nervous about doing it but thought I’d do it in a delicate way and thought it would be worth it if it helped just one person.

“If I hadn’t seen a post like this previously I wouldn’t have known that this dimpling was a sign of cancer.”

Finding Help Cancer

In the post, the brave mum wrote: “Yesterday I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“It came as a total shock as this dimpling (in the pic) is the only symptom I had. I wasn’t too worried as there was no lump or anything. Unfortunately it came back as breast cancer.”


She continued: “Please check your breast regularly and don’t ignore anything that is different. If I hadn’t seen a post like this previously I wouldn’t have known that this dimpling was a sign of cancer. Please share and raise awareness.”

Other possible symptoms of breast cancer include a lump or area of thickened tissue in a breast; a change in the size or shape of one or both breasts; discharge from a nipple; a lump or swelling in an armpit; dimpling on the skin of the breast; a rash on or around a nipple; or a change in the appearance of a nipple, such as becoming sunken.

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