Whether it’s peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause, the associated symptoms can make day to day life very uncomfortable for women. Live Better With Menopause has carefully curated products that can help with many of the symptoms women experience: from hot flashes, brain fog, mood swings and beyond.

We are therefore proud to announce our latest partnership, with Maryon Stewart – pioneer of the natural menopause movement!

This partnership will elevate Live Better With Menopause’s offering, and will provide women with not only practical products but also a range of supplements that can ease common symptoms. Both Live Better With Menopause and Maryon Stewart have a shared mission to provide practical support and research based supplements for symptoms and life stages like menopause, to make life a whole lot better for women.

Who is Maryon Stewart?

Maryon has been dedicated to helping women transition through menopause and reclaim their well being, without the use of drugs or hormones. She is passionate that all women should be empowered by having a right to sound science-based knowledge, to help them make informed choices throughout their menopause.

With 20 years of experience in women’s health, plus appearances on TV, radio, and countless publications – Maryon really knows her stuff when it comes to taking control of your menopause, and each of her recommendations is truly tried-and-tested.

Can supplements really help me during menopause?

At a time when many women are being turned away by their GPs when they try to discuss symptoms and side effects of menopause, supplements are a way that many women are taking back control and combating side effects in ways that work for them.

Though some may be quick to dismiss the benefits of supplements for women’s health, menopause is often a time when nutritional deficiencies start to become apparent, and supplements can help with this. A combination of years of hormonal wear and tear, pregnancy and breastfeeding can all challenge our nutrient stores, while our lack of knowledge of how to replace what time and nature have taken away leaves many of us in a nutritionally depleted state, which can affect our brain chemistry and our hormonal balance.

To overcome symptoms and improve wellbeing at the time of the perimenopause and menopause, women need to take a multi-pronged approach to effectively manage their side effects and symptoms. Making a number of dietary and lifestyle changes during this time of life can give women the best foundation from which to tackle their menopause journey. Taking supplements that boost nutrient levels and normalise hormone function has been shown to be an effective approach, and even gets a special mention in the Health Economics Appendix of the current NICE guidelines.

Research shows clearly that supplements containing isoflavones and herbs including Maca, St John’s Wort and Black Cohosh are effective tools when looking to control symptoms of the menopause – all of which are featured in the new offering by Live Better With Menopause in conjunction with menopause and natural health expert Maryon Stewart.


The Live Better With x Maryon Stewart Partnership

Founder of Live Better With, Tamara Rajah has this to say about our new collaboration with Maryon:

“At Live Better With Menopause, we have to date curated hundreds products that bring practical relief from symptoms and side effects of the perimenopause and menopause – from the best cooling gel pillows for hot flushes, to the most recommended lubricants for vaginal dryness, to a hit list of books that shed light on living with the menopause.

Partnering with an expert like Maryon means we can bring our communities an even broader range of support, through supplements that have scientific backing – which is right in line with our mission to handpick the most relevant and trusted products for women going through menopause.”

We asked Maryon for her thoughts on our future as partners:

“I am very excited to announce a new partnership with Live Better With Menopause, an organisation with a big mission like my own, I very much look forward to co-creating a ‘wellbeing revival’ for women going through perimenopause and menopause.  My science-based programmes help women to reclaim their wellbeing and involve taking natural products that have been shown to help boost nutrient levels to bring about therapeutic effects in the body.  

Our joint mission is to help women abandon the negativity, the idea that menopause is “the end of life as they knew it” – and replace it with adequate knowledge and support. We want women to feel they are effectively turning back their biological clock at midlife, and feeling better than they can remember.”

We hope you enjoy browsing the collection!