Breast cancer patients often find it more difficult to cope with life after cancer than the actual treatment, a leading charity has found.

New research from Breast Cancer Care suggests many survivors find treatment ending harder than having a breast removed or going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

From the survey, it was discovered that more than a quarter (26%) of women diagnosed with breast cancer say life after treatment is harder than the treatment itself.

Shockingly, only 10% say they felt positive and ready to move on when they were discharged from hospital treatment. And, of the over 800 women surveyed, more than half (53%) struggled with anxiety at the end of treatment and nearly a third (31%) with depression.

Yet almost half (42%) of those surveyed were not told by their healthcare team how to access information and support once hospital treatment ended.

The survey found three of the toughest issues women face at the end of treatment are:

  • 80% fear their cancer coming back
  • 79% struggle with fatigue
  • 52% struggle with a lack of body confidence

Commenting on the findings, David Crosby, director of services and engagement at Breast Cancer Care, said: “These shocking figures show that, for the majority of women, breast cancer doesn’t stop when hospital treatment ends.

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“Getting back to ‘normal’ can feel like a huge mountain to climb, and many find that leaving hospital after their last appointment is the hardest moment of all.”

He added: “The NHS must ensure every breast cancer patient has access to support once their hospital treatment ends. Despite commitments to make this happen, there has been worryingly little progress to turn this promise into reality.”

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