Buying gifts for someone with cancer? We can help! Introducing our series of Gift Guides, to help with symptoms and side effects of living with cancer.

The gifts in the Little Luxuries series are perfect for women (and men!) who need a little bit of self-care and pampering this holiday season. 

Gift Guide for Cancer Patients

We all want to make our friends and loved ones feel valued when they receive our holiday gifts. Sometimes, all that’s needed is something small and luxurious that says: “you deserve a break!”

The best part about these gifts is that they can be practical and pampering! Reducing stress and helping to care for the skin, mind and brain can all help your friend or loved one to navigate the cancer experience more pleasantly.

The gifts in our Live Better With Christmas Gift Guides are all designed to make the cancer experience easier, no matter what type of cancer your loved one is living with.

Cancer Gifts for People Who Need Pampering 

Cancer Gifts

1. Starlytes Lavender Blossom Candle: Fill your home with the scent of soothing lavender. The Starlytes candle helps you to relax and reduce stress, and can also help to fight insomnia! Choose this beautiful candle for the person in your life who could use a bit of peace and calm.

Lyonsleaf Cancer Gifts

2. Beautiful Products from the Lyonsleaf Range: Lyonsleaf products are handmade from natural ingredients, and each one contains calendula for extra-soothing, gentle hydrating effects. The Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream is a much-loved favourite, but the Beauty Balm, Soap and Body Butter also make excellent gifts.

Cancer Gifts

3. Aroma Home Candle and Cosy Socks Set: This set is a lovely gift for anyone looking to cosy up and get comfortable during a long winter’s night. The set contains one candle and a pair of warm and cosy socks.

Cancer Gifts

4. Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil: Smooth Skin oil is a luxurious and hydrating body oil that you can use to soothe and smooth dry, itchy skin. All products from Defiant Beauty are natural and gentle on sensitive skin.

Defiant Beauty Cancer Gifts

5. Defiant Beauty Scalp Cleansing Spritz: This calming Scalp Cleansing Spritz is a quick and easy way to hydrate and soothe your scalp. Many people forget that after hair loss, your scalp requires the same level of care as the rest of the skin on your body! Gift this spritz to someone with cancer in your life, and help them to find comfort fast.

If you know someone who could use some gift inspiration this holiday season, use the graphic below and share it across your social media, email lists, or print it out and hand-deliver it to a friend! Help someone you know and love to live better with cancer this Christmas! 

Gifts for Cancer Patients