Buying gifts for someone with cancer? We can help! Introducing our series of Gift Guides, to help with symptoms and side effects of living with cancer. 

If you know a child or young person living with cancer, here are a few fabulous products that can help to make their holiday season a little brighter! 

cancer gifts for kids

Cancer can be difficult and upsetting no matter your age or situation. But for young kids with cancer, things can feel extra tough.

It’s hard to have to miss school, forgo visits with friends, and spend lots of time in bed or in hospital instead of running around outside. If you’re approaching the holiday season and aren’t feeling sure about what to give to a child with cancer, we can help! We’ve gathered the best products from our kids’ section for you to explore.

Every single product in our Live Better With Christmas Gift Guides is designed to make the cancer experience easier, no matter what type of cancer your loved one is living with.

Cancer Gifts for Kids 

Cancer Books for Kids

1. Delightful Kids’ Books to Help Explain and Understand Cancer: Our kids’ cancer books help to explain cancer in simple words, with beautiful illustrations. Whether the child has cancer themselves, or knows a family friend or a loved one with cancer, these books will help them to come to grips with the circumstances before them. We love The Secret C, The Famous Hat, and The Hare Who Lost Her Hair especially!

queasy drops to help with cancer nausea

2. Queasy Drops (Various Flavours): Available in a variety of delicious flavours, Queasy Drops are a fun, tasty way to help stave off nausea, queasiness, and bad taste in the mouth.

PICC Line Covers

3. Care + Wear PICC Line Cover: PICC Line Covers are made with super-soft, breathable fabric and a mesh screen to help adults and children keep their PICC Lines secure, clean and dry. The fabric is treated with EPA-approved antimicrobial treatment to keep those germs away, too!

iBeani for Kids

4. iBeanie E-Reader/Tablet Cushion for Kids: The iBeani is the number-one recovery accessory for kids and adults alike! Use this soft beanbag cushion to read, watch movies, or use your iPad or tablet in comfort. The iBeani comes in a variety of soft, fleecy prints – perfect for cuddling up in bed or on the sofa. (Insider tip: the iBeani is also perfect for keeping your hand steady if you have a cannula or IV drip attached).

Cozy Hottie Aroma Home Gift

5. Aroma Home Cozy Hotties Animals – Bunny: These delightful, soft stuffed animals come with a removable microwavable tummy insert. Simply remove and warm up in the microwave to relax and enjoy warm, cosy relief. The beads in the microwavable insert are lightly scented with lavender oil to soothe and relax the mind.

Queasy Pops Cancer Gifts

6. Queasy Pops: Queasy Pops are nausea-fighting lollipops. Available in Ginger or a variety of delicious flavours, Queasy Pops help to manage nausea, queasiness and funny taste. Bring them along to chemo, or put some in your child’s backpack or bag for quick access when needed.

Udderly Cream Cancer Gift

7. Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream Tube: If your child is dealing with dry, cracked or itchy skin, Udderly can help to moisturise quickly! Made with 10% urea to soften distressed skin, Udderly gently hydrates and won’t irritate sensitive areas.

Graffiti Beanie Bold Beanie Gift

8. Graffiti Greetings Bold Beanie (in sizes Maxi, Midi or Mini): The Graffiti Greetings Bold Beanie comes with fabric markers so you and your child can decorate their hats together! The Graffiti Bold Beanies are also a perfect craft activity for siblings, friends, cousins, or loved ones; buy a few and have everyone decorate their own. Kids with cancer will love having bright and fun hats to wear throughout the year.

Cozy Hottie Fox Gift

9. Aroma Home Cozy Hotties Animals – Fox: We love the Aroma Home Cozy Hotties Animals (there are 5 different animals to choose from!) Each animal is made with super-soft fabric and comes with a removable microwavable insert that can be heated up and placed back in the stuffed animal for a warm, cosy snuggle or restful sleep.

Do you know a child or family who could use some support? Looking for a tasteful, helpful gift for a young child with cancer in your family or community? Use this graphic (below) and share it across your social media, email lists, or even print it out and pass it to someone in need. Help make cancer a little bit better for kids with cancer this year! 

cancer gifts for kids