Buying gifts for someone with cancer? We can help! Introducing our series of Gift Guides, to help with symptoms and side effects of living with cancer. 

First up: the Can’t Sleep Gift Guide – for the person living with cancer who needs a little bit more than just counting sheep!

When a loved one has cancer, it’s hard to find the right words to say, let alone the right things to give to them during this time.

While it may be tempting to purchase that new handbag they’ve had their eye on for a while, or their team’s latest football kit, remember to give Christmas gifts that someone having cancer treatment can use right away to help ease symptoms and side effects.

The gifts in our Live Better With Christmas Gift Guides are all designed to make the cancer experience easier, no matter what type of cancer your loved one is living with.

Cancer gifts to help you fall asleep

Gifts to help you fall asleep

1. Lavender and Rosemary Fragranced Hot Water Bottle: This delightful stag hot water bottle is made of PVC as opposed to rubber meaning the smell is less likely to make cancer patients feel queasy. The PVC is infused with rosemary and lavender to help soothe and calm the body for a good’s nights sleep.

Gifts to help you fall asleep

2.  Calming Colouring Books: Taking on a few pages of a colouring book can help relax your mind from the stress and anxiousness that can be an unwelcome side effect of the menopause, and soothe away your insomnia. Colouring has been proven to be a route to a peaceful, calm mind!

Gifts to help you fall asleep

3. Badger Sleep Balm: Many people living with cancer experience insomnia, and Badger Sleep Balm can help to minimise sleeplessness. Badger Sleep Balm is a dreamy night balm, rich with precious oils to calm and relax your mind so that you can sleep soundly.

Gifts to help you fall asleep cancer

4. Starlytes Lavender Blossom 3oz Candle: Aromatic candles can be a great way to help reduce the effects of stress and insomnia. Made with a natural soy blend to ensure clean, safe burning the Starlytes Lavender candle is a great and affordable gift for someone struggling to fall asleep.

Gifts to help you fall asleep cancer

5. Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm: The Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is a Free From Skincare award winner, which helps to moisturise, cleanse, nourish, repair and protect the face, all in one pot. This fragrance-free balm is perfect for those with sensitive skin due to cancer and its treatment, and is made with 100% natural ingredients and is never treated with heat or solvents.

gifts to help you fall asleep cancer

6. Badger Night Night Balm: The Badger Night Night Balm is a luscious balm filled with essential oils including both lavender and chamomile. The balm’s relaxing properties help the body fall asleep naturally.

Gifts to help you fall asleep cancer fatigue

7. Lambswool Eye Mask and Socks: A sleeping mask is a great way to block out unwanted light sources when trying to have a good night’s sleep or nap during the day. Together with the super soft lambswool socks to help your feet rest and stay warm in bed, this duo will help you stay comfortable and while you rest.

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can't sleep cancer gift guide