The hair brand wants to inspire people to donate their leftover locks from their next haircut so they can be transformed into wigs for kids and teenagers

Little Princess Trust cancer, GHD hair loss wig
Will you #choptoyourchin for the Little Princess Trust? (Photo credit: Glamour)

Hair brand ghd has launched a new project this month to encourage people to donate their leftover locks from their next haircut.

The #choptoyourchin campaign is an initiative running throughout August, September and October to inspire you to make the big chop for a children’s charity.

Partnering with the Little Princess Trust, the charity will be accepting hair that is 7 inches or longer to be used to make wigs for children and young adults in the UK and Ireland who are having treatment for cancer and other illnesses.

Since its founding in 2006, the Little Princess Trust has donated more than 5,000 free wigs to children who’ve lost their own hair. With demand on the rise, the charity needs as much support as possible to continue making and supplying its real hair wigs.

On September 21, participating salons will be offering free haircuts and styling tips to those donating the required 17cm to help boost donations.

If you’re interested but nervous about making such a drastic change,  ghd global ambassador Adam Reed, has some advice.

“Short hair can need more styling maintenance than longer hair, but remember that short hair takes less time to dry so you can dedicate those extra minutes that you’ve saved on drying to styling your hair each day,” he said.

“If you’re going for a drastic cut from long to short, ask your hairdresser to show you the different ways of styling your new hair using a ghd styler. You’ll find that hair will be lighter as there is less hair weighing it down, so it can require totally different styling techniques.”

How to donate your hair to the Little Princess Trust

1. Wash and dry your hair (don’t use conditioner or styling products though).

2. Secure your dry hair into ponytails or plaits and secure both ends with an elastic band. Ask your hairdresser to cut above the band/s nearest your head.

3. Put your dry plaits or ponytails into a clear resealable plastic bag, place them into a padded envelope and post to:

Little Princess Trust
Broadway House
32-35 Broad Street