Finding help for cancer patients, their families, and their carers can be tricky. Luckily, there are lots available to assist you – all you have to do is start looking! 

Finding Help Cancer

Finding Help When You Have Cancer

There are hundreds of organisations, groups, charities and businesses out there that can help you to live better with cancer!

But what if you’re not sure what’s out there? Or if you’re not sure where to even start?

We know that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for at the best of times, especially if you’re feeling sick.

That’s why we created the Cancer Support Map. It’s the only platform of its kind, and it will help you and your loved ones find local, relevant cancer services at the touch of a button!

Finding Help Cancer

The Cancer Support Map is a services directory. We’ve gathered together the best services in cancer care and added them all into a database so that you can find what you need, fast.

Simply enter your postcode into the search bar to find cancer services that are available near you. The Map will prioritise results that are near the location you entered. You can search for your own region, or a friend or family member’s, nationwide. 

You can also search by service type.

For example, if you’re looking for a local support group, you can choose the “support group” tile on the homepage, and filter all your search results by “support groups” only.

We made this handy video to help explain how to use the Cancer Support Map:

The Cancer Support Map directory is designed to be as convenient as possible. We’ve made it easy to use so that when you and your loved ones need help the most, it’s available to you instantly.

And, if you’ve used a cancer support service before, or know of a fantastic organisation in your area, you can add it to the database yourself! That way, everyone will be able to find it, too.

Cancer is difficult, and nobody should have to go through it alone. Finding the help you need is essential to your own health and that of your family members and friends.

Why is it important to find help when you have cancer?

Cancer is a word you hope you never have to hear. Whether it’s to do with your own health or that of a friend or family member, cancer stands to change your life in a big way.

Coping with cancer is difficult. There are big emotional highs and lows that come with worrying about your health. Then there’s the physical discomfort that arises from the cancer itself. Many people find that the side effects of cancer treatment are particularly hard to deal with – especially when it comes to chemotherapy.

finding help cancer

In practical terms, cancer also influences your family life and work life. Perhaps you’re no longer able to maintain your commitments in the same way as before. Caring for children or pets can become more challenging. And maintaining a relationship with your partner (or trying to date) can be trickier, too!

All of this is to say that cancer is hard. It’s important to find the resources and help you need to make life easier as you navigate life with cancer. That’s where the Cancer Services Map comes in.

What cancer services should you use?

Although there are hundreds of cancer organisations, charities, and services that are available for you to use, we know that sometimes this amount of choice can be overwhelming instead of helpful!

Here are a few tips about how to choose the cancer services that will work for you.

Cancer Support Groups

Many people find that support groups are extremely helpful during the cancer journey. Whether in-person or online, support groups give you space to connect with people who are having a similar experience. Sharing tips, listening to the stories of other people, and knowing that you’re not the only one dealing with cancer can all be helpful.

finding help cancer

The Cancer Support Map features in-person support groups. Take a look, and try going to the next meeting! Maybe there’s a Facebook page you can join, too. There’s no commitment to keep going if you decide it’s not for you, but it’s worth a try. You never know, you might meet some great new friends!

Benefits Advice Services

Financial help for cancer patients is extremely important. Cancer is expensive, and we know that sometimes you need extra support to manage money when you’re ill.

There are organisations that are available to help you think about how to save money or find financial assistance if the costs of cancer are beginning to pile up. Money can cause a lot of anxiety and stress, so it’s worth asking for help if you find yourself in a tough spot.

Help for Carers & Cancer Patients’ Families

Caring for someone who is living with cancer isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there are lots of helpful organisations whose entire aim is to help you manage caring alongside your other responsibilities.

finding help cancer

There are many support groups specifically designed for carers and the families of people with cancer. Try connecting with these networks so that you can collaboratively share information, tips, and advice with each other

If You Can Help Cancer Patients

If you run an organisation that helps people living with cancer, or if you have a service you’d like to recommend, you can add it to our Cancer Support Map.

Doing this will allow others to access your service and will help people to manage their lives more easily as they navigate cancer. To add your link, head to the Cancer Support Map page.

Whatever your needs, it’s important to make sure that you’re supported as you, or a loved one, go through cancer. The Cancer Support Map can help, and we can’t wait to hear about how you find it!

Happy searching!