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The Live Better With cancer community forum is an incredible family – every day you share emotional support and help each other with practical tips and advice. Here’s Community Admin EmilyRose’s roundup of some of the latest forum discussions…


Cancer fatigue tips from the experts behind Untire app

Almost 40% of all cancer patients and survivors struggle with fatigue as a side effect of cancer and its treatments, but cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is poorly understood.

The Untire App was created by Dr. Bram Kuiper and Door Vonk to help cancer patients increase energy levels and improve quality of life.  This month they hosted an ‘Ask Us Anything’ event on the Live Better With cancer community forum, answering a variety of questions from forum members suffering fatigue.

Their tips included:

  • Stay active – Try to stay active physically and mentally and that doesn’t mean just exercise. It can be a mix of things to do: exercise or walks, being with other people, even if it’s just having a short chat, and anything that can keep your mind active, from reading short passages, listening to the radio, or doing a crossword puzzle. Try to strike a balance between activities and relaxation.
  • Make an energy list – Get to know the factors that influence your energy level positively and negatively. Understand what kind of activities give you energy. Create a list – Which do you really enjoy doing and which activities, experiences or circumstances are a real drain? Then try to find how you can lessen the impact of those energy drainers.
  • Remember to establish boundaries. Recognize the physical signs that you’re getting tired. Pushing through when you’re already exhausted means you’re overdoing it. Try planning activities ahead of time to avoid feeling overwhelmed (which also costs energy).
  • Stay positive – It’s important to try and focus on the present and stay positive. It can help to avoid negative thoughts and spend your energy on activities that you find enjoyable (to help give you energy)
  • Reduce stress – Going through the medical treatments is stressful and people react differently to different types of stress. Stress is the most mentioned factor that drains energy. So, if you reduce stress then you can gain more energy.

Read more cancer fatigue advice from the event here.


Memory problems after treatment – great advice from the forum

The community forum is a great place to go for people whose lives have suddenly been changed by cancer – and that includes carers and loved ones of people with cancer. New members are always welcomed, and our regular contributors are incredibly generous with their support and practical tips – whether the

This month a new member shared her story of coping with her mother’s Mild Cognitive Impairment and memory loss, following chemo treatment.

Is this something that has affected you or your family? If so, the thread of comments is full of practical advice. Read more.


‘Normal packed up and moved on’: Life and living after cancer…

A little while ago forum member Sunshinedaff posted a really lovely, wise and insightful post about how cancer affects your life, even after it is in remission.

To be told that your cancer is gone, or in remission, is really fantastic news, but I think for many, processing everything they’ve gone through, doesn’t begin until everything stops….For many they find that family, friends, employers suddenly think ‘Oh, great, you’ve finished treatment, now let’s get on, carry on as normal’. Except ‘normal’ packed up and moved.

New forum members keep discovering this post and finding it really resonates with them. Read the full post here.


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