If someone in your life is undergoing cancer treatment this Christmas, you might be worried about what to get them. Finding an appropriate gift can feel difficult, but we all know what a difference the right present can make. To help you find a little festive inspiration, we’ve made this list of some of our favourite gift ideas for people living with cancer.

The Ultimate Chemo Hamper


Chemotherapy can be a very difficult time for someone living with cancer. It can lead to many side effects that can make life uncomfortable and difficult for the person undergoing treatment. If someone you know is going through chemo around Christmastime this hamper will bring a smile to their face, as well as equip them with everything they need to face any challenges coming their way.

There’s something for practically every side effect tucked into this attractive gift hamper, so that they have all they might need for the challenges of chemo. Just some of the contents includes Queasy Drops for nausea and funny mouth tastes, the Gel’O Pillow Mat and Gel Eye Mask for headaches and night sweats, and a Lavender Wheat Wrap for getting cosy.

We suggest dissolving a couple of the GinGins Ginger Chews in hot water to make a tasty, warming drink that is good for nausea and bold in flavour for those struggling with taste. Why not make an evening of it, curled up with a steaming mug and The Little Book of Mindfulness?

Special Indulgence Gift Set for Her

It can be difficult to buy bath and beauty products for people living with cancer, as increased skin sensitivity can mean that some products will leave them feeling drier and itchier than before. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and the Special Indulgence Gift Set contains all the woman in your life might need to relax and unwind this Christmas.

There’s everything that should be on a beauty lover’s wish list, from the Well Being Beauty Bath Oil formulated by specialist skincare expert Jennifer Young to the Ozalys L'elixir Perfume, the first ever perfume developed especially for women effected by cancer. Throw in the gentle Evaux Evosin Moisturising Face Cream and a range of soothing balms and you’ve got the perfect pamper kit for any woman living with cancer. We don’t think the elves themselves could do any better.

Super Comfort Bundle for Him

This selection of goodies includes everything a loved one might need to get cosy on a winter’s night. As well as the beloved iBeani and a soft and stylish Bamboo Hat, also included is the Aidapt Wooden Bean Bag Lap Tray. The cushioned bottom and wipe-clean surface make activities in bed much easier, from resting drinks and snacks to writing.

Many people living with cancer struggle to get comfortable. As well as the emotional challenges there are often aches and pains, increased sensitivity and fatigue to deal with during treatment. That’s why the person in your life living with cancer might need some extras to help them relax and enjoy themselves the way everybody should during the festive period. And don’t worry, there’s a selection for the lady in your life too.

The Live Better With CanPlan Cancer Planner

While it is important to enjoy ourselves in the present at Christmas, with a new year just around the corner it is also a time when many of us must look to the future. The CanPlan Cancer Planner is a great tool for helping people living with cancer keep up with appointments and track their journey, as well as offering inspirational quotes and positivity exercises. If you’re looking for something that
will help the person in your life stay on top during an often difficult and confusing period, the CanPlan could be the perfect gift.


The iBeani makes a great gift for anyone, but we think it’s especially fitting for someone living with cancer. This versatile cushion stand for your tablet means very little energy is required when you’re laying in bed enjoying a film, reading an ebook or surfing the web. 70%-80% of people report feeling fatigued at some point during their cancer treatment, and it often means quite a bit more time in bed. The iBeani makes fighting boredom during these rest periods
easier and more comfortable than ever. With a range of colours and designs available you’re sure to find a fit for your loved one. 

Bamboo Hats for Him & Her

A well known side effect of some treatments is hair thinning and hair loss. For many people it can be difficult both physically and emotionally, because the change in appearance is often accompanied by increased discomfort and scalp sensitivity. Bamboo hats are the soft and stylish solution.

Bamboo fabric is a miracle material; it’s super soft, antibacterial and uses a process known as moisture wicking to keep heads snug in the snow and cool by the fireplace. If a person in your life is struggling with hair thinning or hair loss, help them look and feel great this Christmas and throughout their journey with a bamboo hat. 

We hope this article has given you the inspiration you need, and that you can find the perfect present for your loved one. If you’d like to see some more gift ideas, browse our gifts for cancer patients or ask the Live Better With Community.