Childhood Cancer is hard to talk about, but thousands of children and their families face it every single day. This week on the Cancer Companion Podcast, we speak with a childhood cancer survivor and ask for her best advice about navigating the cancer journey. 

Childhood Cancer podcast


Welcome to Season 2 of Cancer Companion. We’re so excited to bring you another fantastic series of conversations with cancer patients and experts.

This season, we’ll be focusing on the “less-discussed” aspects of life with cancer; those “taboos” and tough topics that are hard to wade into.

Together, every week, we’ll explore a different “Cancer Taboo” – everything from finances and money, to sex, pregnancy, fertility, mental health, and end of life care.

This week, we’re diving straight in with a discussion about Childhood Cancer.

Childhood cancer is hard to talk about, but it’s a reality that many families and communities face every day. And, what’s more, there are important and tangible ways that we can all help to make life a little bit better for kids with cancer.


On this week’s episode:

  • We speak with Mary Dalton – a 16-year-old cancer survivor and filmmaker from Pennsylvania, USA. Mary tells us about her journey from diagnosis and recovery, and the importance of finding things that you love in the midst of cancer.
  • This episode is just a mini-episode (a “teaser,” if you will) with Mary, but we look forward to a more in-depth conversation with her next week.

Cancer Support Map

Background reading:

  • Check out our list of lovely books that explain cancer to children. They’re perfect for younger kids, especially – and cover everything from experiencing cancer one’s self, to understanding it in a sibling or parent.
  • Then take a look at our Childhood Cancer guide. We’ve gathered up our best tips for managing time in the hospital, helping to keep comfortable, and getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Last but not least, you can check out Mary’s fabulous vlogs on her YouTube channel. We love the diversity and creativity of her films; some are true “video diaries” and others are more artistic and abstract. Either way, her insight is invaluable.

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