Welcome to this week’s Mini Cancer Companion Podcast! This week, we’re discussing what to eat when you don’t feel like eating.

If you’ve got 4 minutes, it’s well worth a listen. 

You’ve told us all about your struggles with sore mouth, dry mouth, and funny taste – not to mention the nausea that so many of you know all too well.

Each of these things make it difficult to keep eating well during cancer treatment. But eating and maintaining a good diet are both still important! So what should you do if eating well with cancer seems completely out of reach?

We have a few suggestions.


On this week’s episode:

  • We recap the main things that keep you from eating well and eating regularly during the cancer journey.
  • Then we hear from Liz O’Riordan – a breast cancer surgeon and breast cancer survivor about how to manage bad taste in the mouth (whether it’s chalky or metallic, Liz has some helpful tips!)


Background reading:

  • Check out our two-part series on managing food during the cancer journey for lots of helpful tips about what to try eating, and how to manage a variety of symptoms and side-effects.
  • Then take a look at our Eating Well guide – also full of reliable information from experts and the cancer community.

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Good question.

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